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North East Connected – The rise of sustainable living spaces in the North East

ByDave Stopher

Dec 7, 2023

Sustainability is making waves worldwide as we gear up for a century of major shifts in how we live. Whether it’s our homes or the food on our plates, every choice we make has a direct impact on the environment. So, what’s the deal in the North East? Well, the region has undergone a noticeable makeover in how people approach their lifestyles and living spaces. The rise in sustainable living practices shows a collective commitment to environmental responsibility, resource efficiency, and living in sync with nature.

In today’s discussion, we’ll explore how this sustainability wave is sweeping through the region, particularly in the realm of living spaces. We’ll spotlight some innovative solutions that are helping the North East step up its sustainability game.

Environmental consciousness

The North East has witnessed a growing awareness of environmental issues and a heightened sense of responsibility among its residents. A study of 2,000 adults by weDo/ found that 74-percent of people in the North East say they make eco-friendly choices when deciding what to buy. This increased consciousness has translated into sustainable living practices being adopted in homes across the region.

Green architecture and design

Architects and designers in the North East are increasingly incorporating sustainable principles into their projects. Green building practices, such as the use of renewable materials, energy-efficient design, and water conservation measures, are becoming common practice throughout the region. Notable examples include eco-friendly housing developments, commercial spaces, and public buildings that showcase the potential for sustainable architecture to coexist with urban development.

Advantages of sustainable living

Across the globe, many advantages and rewards are now offered for sustainable living. For example, there are green home loans that can be given to those with properties that meet certain sustainability criteria. Compare the Market explains that these green home loans can provide lower interest rates, reduced fees, potential cashback rebates for borrowers, and additional funding for extra energy-efficient additions. There are a number of lenders across the UK that offer these green mortgages as an incentive to encourage more eco-friendly living. There are also a number of grants and schemes available to those looking to make their lives more sustainable.

Renewable energy integration

The North East has harnessed its natural resources to transition towards renewable energy solutions. Wind and solar energy projects have become integral to the region’s sustainable living initiatives. The largest offshore wind farm in the world is currently being built off the shores of the North East, bringing many new jobs to the area. The North East is also home to a number of solar farms in the country.

Sustainable transportation

In a bid to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly commuting options, the North East has invested in sustainable transportation choices This includes decarbonisation being given high importance for the North East Transport Plan (2021-2035), along with the introduction of a more efficient Tyne and Wear Metro fleet, additional zero emission electric buses, and additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Community initiatives

Communities in the North East are driving change through a number of exciting initiatives that promote sustainable living and the importance of nature. One example of this is the new Community Forest that’s been announced for the area. The North East Community Forest is a joint project from the Department for Environmental, Food & Rural Affairs, England Community Forests, and six local authorities, with the aim of planting up to 500 hectares of trees by the year 2025.

England’s North East is embracing the importance of sustainable living spaces in a number of ways. From a growing environmental consciousness to green choices being embraced in architecture and design, renewable energy integration, rewards and advantages, sustainable transportation, and a wide number of community initiatives, the North East is showcasing its commitment to a more sustainable future. So let’s continue to embrace these initiatives and keep striving towards a greener tomorrow!