Shonette Bason Wood to spread joy at ‘Big 7Tea’ event and raise funds for NHS charities
North East happiness guru and stand-up comedian Shonette Bason Wood will put a smile on everyone’s face next month as she helps Darlington Memorial Hospital celebrate 70 years of the NHS.

The empowering, motivational speaker will join NHS workers, patients and families at a celebratory afternoon tea on 5th July – the anniversary of the National Health Service – to spread her own brand of ‘self-help comedy love’.

The NHS was born in 1948, uniting all the country’s hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, pharmacists, opticians and dentists into one state-run, umbrella organisation, to provide services that are free for all at the point of delivery. Darlington Memorial Hospital’s afternoon tea festivity is taking place as part of the ‘NHS Big 7Tea’ – a series of events happening in hospital Trusts up and down the country to celebrate the milestone anniversary.

“It’s a great honour to be asked to be a part of this 70-year celebration of the NHS,” says Shonette. “I’ve lived my whole life with a national health service; I’ve never had to think about buying insurance so that my four children and I could receive medical care – we take it for granted. It’s a brilliant institution that’s often steeped in so much negativity, so it’s important to celebrate it and raise levels of appreciation for those working within it.”

Shonette, from Wynyard in County Durham, is currently touring the UK on a one-way mission to spread joy across the country, after launching her business, Spread the Happiness, four years ago. The 46-year-old’s calendar of events includes comedy shows as well as fundraising events and regular charity events in highly deprived areas of the UK.

“I’m looking forward to speaking about the importance of happiness at the event, and what people can do to improve their own happiness, as well as that of those around them,” continued Shonette. “An injection of happiness can help people working in difficult situations, such as those caring for terminally-ill patients, to appreciate themselves and bring joy with them into the workplace, even in upsetting circumstances.

“The idea behind our philosophy is not to wait until you’re the person sat in a doctor’s office receiving a life-changing diagnosis before you start living.

“We all should be living life to the full, working on our own happiness. Me spreading joy to the 50 or so people at the hospital afternoon tea event could have a momentous ripple effect – potentially reaching hundreds of other people who they come into contact with.”

Pat Chambers, charity development manager for the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’re so excited that Shonette is able to join our celebratory afternoon tea. Her character and enthusiasm is infectious, so there’s sure to be a smile on everyone’s face. There’s going to be lots of patients and families coming to celebrate with us and for them to have that little injection of joy will be fabulous.

“For many of us, we can’t even contemplate what it would be like not to have the NHS so it’s really important that we make a big celebration of this outstanding occasion – celebrating seven decades of our national health service!”

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