• Thu. May 30th, 2024

North East Connected

Hopping Across The North East From Hub To Hub

One of the North East’s leading air conditioning, climate change and temperature control specialists, HLA Services, has landed a string of notable government and local authority contracts.

Supported by Teesside-based company OPPORTUNI and its smart tendering platform, HLA Services has realised success with some lucrative public sector contract wins, including Durham University, Newcastle University and Northumbria Police.

The wins have allowed HLA Services to grow the diversity of their client base as well as promote organisational growth, stability and long-term planning.

HLA had been building a strong business portfolio for years, and turned to OPPORTUNI to tap into the larger and more prestigious world of bidding and winning public sector contracts.

Like many SMEs, HLA Services was victim to the signature red tape and difficulties in finding information about public sector tenders.

OPPORTUNI were enlisted to support HLA Services to find suitable local contracts instantly using their innovative platform powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), allowing their services to be matched with tenders in the area that they could easily review and bid on.

This saved HLA services time and money scrolling through irrelevant projects and portals.

HLA Services then leant on the support of OPPORTUNI’s Bid Writer’s Marketplace to find an industry professional with sector knowledge to write an outstanding bid that would give HLA Services the best chance of winning their desired tender.

Neil Henry, Director and Co-Founder of HLA Services said: “We found the options opened up to us by OPPORTUNI much more in depth and relevant than any of the other search engines that were out there.

“The government and local authority contracts we have won through OPPORTUNI have given us stability within the company for long term planning.”

Tim Ward, CEO at OPPORTUNI, added: “We are using tech to support great businesses such as HLA Services to simplify the tender process, opening up opportunities to small and medium sized businesses to win contracts with their local councils, schools, NHS, housing associations and more.

“This offers the potential to create more local jobs and reinvigorate communities as well as providing long term stability and growth for the successful tendering organisations.”

OPPORTUNI continues to support businesses to tap into public sector contracts to accelerate their growth and connect them with game-changing contracts.