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Northumberland Start-up Entrenches Itself In On-site Communications


Oct 28, 2016

A NORTHUMBERLAND start-up is celebrating after winning a contract with the county’s leading development businesses.

Blyth-based Trench Networks has secured its first contract with Northumberland County Council-owned Arch Developments. The contract will see Trench Networks installing site-based communications infrastructure at Arch’s latest homes development which is being delivered through Arch’s house-building arm, Ascent Homes.

Trench Networks promises to revolutionize digital communications through its fast, reliable and secure solutions to support on-site access to Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, document management and project collaboration systems while also providing local telephone services over the same system, something traditionally requiring access to a landline.

Kev Latimer, co-Director of Trench Networks, said: “We’e engineered Outpost ourselves, an entire technology ecosystem from the ground-up, from the custom on-site hardware to the cloud-based infrastructure that powers it. This guarantees a connection as soon as the client needs it on-site, for as long as it’s needed, with a reliability that ensures that all of the systems are communicating in the most efficient and effective way possible and at speeds more akin to fibre connections than mobile routers.”

“The construction sector is quickly realizing that for all their investment in the latest cloud-based technologies, their site teams need fast and reliable access to these systems in order to leverage that investment. This is an advantage we are keen to see our clients have and that’s what sets us apart from some of the alternative solutions companies have reluctantly had to rely on in the past.”

Trench Network’s approach and product is already impressing clients. Duncan Bowman, Projects Director (Residential and Construction), at Arch Developments, said: “I don’t know how these guys do it but it’s magic!”

The company prides itself on being able to take the heavy lifting out of on-site communications and in also being able to take a load off companies already stretched IT departments, and its Outpost product is already proving to be leading the revolution.

Claire Scott, Head of Residential Sales and Marketing, at Ascent Homes said: “Site communications are crucial but they are a hassle and you never quite get what you want.

“Trench Networks were able to know and deliver exactly what it was that we needed and the staff on our sites rave about it. I just give Trench Networks a call and they sort everything out quickly and seamlessly; they take all the stress out of getting our sites connected so it’s one less thing for us to have to worry about.”

The contract win is the most recent for Trench Networks, which began trading less than a year ago, and is anticipated to be the first of many over the coming months. The company is working closely with Ascent Homes and a number of other housebuilders and developers who are keen to adopt their technology and IT solutions to ensure their sites are connected in the most efficient and reliable way possible.


Claire Hollyman, co-Director of Trench Networks, said: “We are delighted to be working with Arch Developments and Ascent Homes.

“It’s a very exciting time, and the confidence Arch Developments and Ascent Homes has in our products and services is testament to the hard work we’ve put in before launching the business.”

By Emily