A successful musician from the North East is planning to launch a new album, written to evoke images of one of the country’s most  spectacular coastlines. Coming after a much-acclaimed debut album, the new collection of neo-classical piano music will showcase the region’s unique relationship with the sea.

Mark Deeks, 40, began teaching music at New College, Durham and his musical pedigree includes a PhD in Heavy Metal.  Despite enjoying watching his students’ passion and abilities grow under his tuition, his true musical destiny lay in another direction.  Mark’s real passion is in creating and recording his own musical arrangements.

Having decided to follow his dream, Mark wanted to get there in a hurry  He announced the release of his first album, lightburst, booked some venues, and gave himself just one week to create, rehearse, record and launch!  The album was a huge success, selling around the world.  Music website mainlypiano.com described it as ‘… a truly outstanding debut and one of the albums of the year.’

Each track on the first album takes the theme of a form of light.  Titles such as Flame, Dusk, Bright, Shimmer, Illuminate and Ignite invite the listener to connect on an emotional level with the music and experience the sensations it evokes.

A keen advocate of our region, Mark also makes clever use of the old Northumbrian language as the track titles.  Dusk becomes Úchta, Flame becomes Lýg and Illuminate becomes Giinlíchtan – all creating a magical sense that adds to the musical translation.

The eagerly-awaited new album continues with the Northumbrian flavour.  This time, Mark has turned his musical attention to the theme of water, specifically to the sea and our coastlines.

Mark has teamed up with renowned seascape artist, Mick Oxley from Craster, who has created the album cover art which depicts a scene from Holy Island.

Mark says, “Music has the power to connect people.  It creates emotion and it evokes images in the mind’s eye.  My instrumental albums have no lyrics, so the music itself tells the story and portrays the theme.  I would like people to be able to listen to my new album from anywhere in the world and experience a taste of the beautiful Northumberland coastline.  I live near the sea at South Beach, Blyth.  Looking out across the waves, whatever the weather, never fails to inspire me.”

Mark Deeks’ new album is entitled ‘Left by the Sail Road’.  In the old Northumbrian language, phrases were used to describe things rather than singular words.  In old Northumbrian, Sail Road means ‘the sea’. The album contains eight new original piano solo pieces and a cover of the old ode to the sea by John Ireland, ‘Sea Fever’.

The music represents the beauty and power of the Northumbrian coastline. It has been left behind by the sail road…

Left by the Sail Road is due to be released on 23rd October.  Mark is also playing at Jesmond United Reformed Church on 27th October, along with special guest guitarist, Dan Rochester.  He’s then set to play on 19th November at the Bowes Museum from 1:15 – 2:15.

As well as arranging and creating his own music, Mark has many other strings to his bow.  Recently, he worked with the Inspiration Choir that featured in the last Sunday for Sammy show when he performed Lean on Me with Billy Mitchell. Mark acted as the assistant musical director and also wrote the brass arrangements for the whole show.  He also provides musicians and bands for weddings and events in the area with his company Music Newcastle.