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Oatly Generates Big Buzz by Securing Heavy Funding from Hollywood Stars

ByDave Stopher

Jan 20, 2021 #Bitcoin

For a little long time now, the world has known that to have a sustainable future, we need to switch to eco-friendly and safe ways of living. Various big brands have played their part in bringing about this change. Today more than ever, we have a generation of people who are wholly invested in making eco-conscious decisions. As a consumer, you have a responsibility to consume not just smart but also in a sustainable way. No one understands the better than the gen Z and the millennials of today because of whom brands like Oatly, backed by Blackstone asset management have been able to flourish.

The role model brand has secured over 200 million dollars in funding by equity led by Blackstone Growth. It is no news that this brand is out there changing the world today. Many celebrities have also recognized the value of the brand as proven by the significant funding received by big names. The top names to associate their money with the brand include Jay Z, Oprah Winfrey, and Natalie Portman. Other big names who have also invested include Ron Nation, who is the ex CEO of Starbucks Coffee, and Howard Schultz, the CEO of Orkila Capital. For more information visit Bitcoin Profit UK.

Who is Oatly and Why Should You Care?

Oatly’s brand of oat milk is an all-natural and vegan alternative to millions around the world. The brand supplies it’s wellness to over 50,000 locations in over 18 countries throughout the world. The brand underwent its inception in the ’90s and has been one of the leading names in the world of eco-sustainable development since then.

Oatly’s new investors have made sure that the brand can not just spread its patented brand of nutrition across a single continent, but can expand to newer horizons very shortly. This new influx of money is expected to bring in a lot more production by introducing plants in various continents. This will consequently allow Oatly products to be available in a lot more locations. The brand plans to extend its already well-known range of products to newer locations so that the world can get acquainted with Oatly milk. 

Oatly was introduced to the world in the 90s in Sweden where it first introduced its unique oat milk which would serve as a viable option for consumers for years to come This brand has undergone a huge transformation over time and it is all set to reach new heights under the backing of Blackstone. 

A while back, Oatly embarked on a new campaign to celebrate the concept of lowering your carbon footprints. Lowering your carbon footprint has been a widespread concept across various fields of the world. People today are urged to go out of their way to choose eco-sustainable methods of living. 

Oatly’s bold new move was an inspiration to many across the globe as the brand shared its carbon footprint stats on its box and in doing so, urged other companies to do the same. This move created huge ripples in the food industry and many other health-conscious companies were also motivated to share their stats on the box. This challenge to the industry came in the form of a double-quoted motivated comment which asked the food industry producers to be more transparent and shows their numbers to the world.

This move has been widely celebrated hugely. Carbon labeling has been mandated in several regions and big companies have committed to being transparent with their carbon stats on the bales of many products. A good example of this has been the recent decision taken by the big name brand Unilever. The company decided to start carbon labeling 70,000 of their food products after being inspired by Oatly’s move. 

Oatly has acted not just as a chief frontrunner in a new emerging world of eco-conscious companies but also as a catalyst who has inspired many big names across the world. One of the major upsides of this recent funding is that the big-name Hollywood stars who have become minority shareholders are expected to make sure that the brand reaches the heights that it is capable of. 

Oatly’s new era could not have started at a better time. In an ever-growing eco-conscious world of millennials and gen z’s, today’s average consumer is a lot more influenced by eco-conscious norms than ever before. This is expected to boost revenue as well as awareness across the globe.