• Wed. May 29th, 2024

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paulmalcolmcropPaul Malcolm

Opencast, one of the UK’s fastest-growing tech consultancies, has appointed Paul Malcolm as corporate development industry lead for healthcare, to build out its offer to help modernise and transform the UK’s healthcare system.

Paul joins Tyneside-founded Opencast with almost two decades of healthcare and digital health transformation experience, delivering enterprise software and services solutions to public and private sector healthcare organisations.

“I have wide sector knowledge around the health system, having worked for both large multinational companies and small start-up businesses,” he explains. “I’ve worked for American, UK and New Zealand companies, so have a good perspective of health systems and how they work in different parts of the world.”

Paul’s work will help Opencast build its health client portfolio, which includes public and private healthcare organisations and emerging digital healthcare start-ups.

“Healthcare is a hugely important area of growth for Opencast,” says Paul. “What Opencast has done in healthcare to date gives us a great foundation, but we can do more. We have a value proposition for all parts of the NHS and the experience gained from the work we have already done, together with the fantastic people we are hiring with NHS experience, will be critical to our success going forward.”

Hampshire-based Paul has already recognised the unique culture of Opencast, and he sees a strong connection between its values and those of the NHS.

“The values we have as a business align very well with the values of the NHS. We’re all here to do the right thing, to make a difference and to improve people’s lives. We have a strong belief that everyone counts and are fully committed to the work we are doing around diversity and inclusion. That cultural alignment is really important with the NHS and should never be underestimated.

“Our ambition is to help get the healthcare system into the best possible place through digital innovation. It’s about adding value so we can help to make the system better. Then we really will be changing people’s lives, and making real a difference to both patients and clinicians.”

Welcoming Paul’s appointment, Harry Armstrong, Opencast’s corporate development director, said: “We’re delighted that Paul is joining us to grow our presence in the health sector. Paul’s experience will help us to deliver more compelling patient experiences whilst delivering operational efficiencies for public and private sector clients, building on the work we do for clients such as the NHS Business Services Authority and eConsult.

“With Paul’s arrival, there is excitement from the whole team, and people are very keen to make a real difference in society through our healthcare projects.”