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Pacifica Group maintains ‘repair not replace’ commitment by achieving three millionth domestic appliance repair


Oct 4, 2019 #Business, #Energy

Pacifica Group, the leading UK service provider to domestic appliance manufacturers, insurance companies and retailers, has achieved a major milestone by completing three million home appliance repairs.

Working closely with manufacturers such Electrolux, Sony, Hisense and LG along with major retailers, such as Argos and Shop Direct,Pacifica is playing an important role in extending the lifespan of domestic products through effective repairs and reducing the amount of end-of-life equipment entering the UK’s waste and recycling systems.

The service supports Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee’s Chair, Mary Creagh MP’s call for domestic appliances and gadgets to have a longer life to reduce the amount of e-waste being generated.

Through its Appliance Services and Home Services Divisions, the group, which directly employs over 500 colleagues including more than 250 field-based engineers and technicians, undertakes repairs of a range of appliances from washing machines and dishwashers, to televisions and mobile phones across the UK.

In addition, its Home Services Division supports the domestic energy sector with tens of thousands of installations from traditional heating through to renewable technologies and insulation each year, as well as offering plumbing and repair services to clients in the utilities, new build, social housing and renewable technology markets.

To provide effective support to its clients and their consumers, Pacifica provides its workforce with brand-specific training and approved programmes, which are delivered by an in-house training academy located at its training centre in Washington.

The group also has extensive facilities located at the Washington site for the storage and distribution of appliance spare parts to ensure the efficient completion of repairs as well as providing refurbishment services for returned appliances, further supporting its strategy to reduce waste.

In addition to home appliance repair, refurbishment and heating/energy services, the group also provides warranty administration, customer service and in-house software solutions. The software service is also employed in for its repair services as it enables manufacturers and retailers to map installation, repair and returns processes.

Kevin Brown, CEO of Pacifica Group said: “This is an excellent milestone for Pacifica, but also for the country’s environmental challenges. Extending the lifespan of domestic products is becoming an increasingly important part of improving our environment by reducing the amount of waste we produce.

“The manufacturers, insurance companies and retailers we work with are committed to ensuring their products deliver optimum performance for as long as possible and utilising our services is a clear demonstration of their support for our ambition to repair and not replace wherever possible.”

By lnath