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Pacifica RoSPA 50Pacifica completes more than 350,000 domestic appliance repairs every year

Pacifica, the UK’s leading domestic appliance repair specialists, has been honoured with the Silver Award for outstanding health and safety performance by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

The County Durham-based company is one of the largest providers of outsourced support services in the UK, providing maintenance and repair of domestic appliances on behalf of white goods manufacturers, retailers, and warranty providers.

Undertaking more than 350,000 appliance repairs every year, Pacifica employs in the region of 250 engineers covering the whole of the UK.

The RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, now in its 67th year, represents the preeminent occupational health and safety recognition program in the UK.

With nearly 2,000 submissions annually, spanning across nearly 50 countries and influencing over seven million employees, this programme acknowledges organisations committed to continuous enhancement in accident and ill-health prevention within the workplace.

Evaluation encompasses a comprehensive assessment of entrants’ overarching health and safety management systems, embracing critical elements such as leadership and employee engagement.

While most of RoSPA’s awards are non-competitive, showcasing individual organisational accomplishments, competitive awards are bestowed within 20 distinct industry sectors, as well as specialised areas of health and safety management.

Complementing its RoSPA distinction, Pacifica also actively engages independent auditors, Achilles, to review its performance, ensuring strict adherence to the latest legislations and industry best practices. In the latest audit Pacifica achieved a 100% compliance rate.

Pacifica’s commitment to health and safety excellence is evidenced through a series of regular initiatives designed to foster a secure working environment for both colleagues and clients.

These range from health and safety newsletters, ‘Tool Box Talk’ updates and online training, to provision of the latest Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), health and safety visits and regular meetings of its health and safety committee.

Richard Melvin, Pacifica’s Group Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Training [SHEQT] Manager, said: Receiving a RoSPA Award really demonstrates our commitment to putting the health and safety of our colleagues and customers, first. It gives us an excellent foundation to implement continued improvements and to ‘go for gold’ next year.  Safety is of the utmost importance at Pacifica and a core value that we strive to live by on a daily basis.

“Organisations such RoSPA provide an invaluable source of knowledge and experience that will not only benefit me in my role, but the Company as a whole, and help establish positive messages around the culture of safety we continue to nurture and grow here at Pacifica.”