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Paralympian helps sports stars celebrate success


Jul 25, 2018 #Awards, #education

TALENTED young sports men and women have been recognised at an awards night to celebrate sporting success.

More than 200 athletes, representing 17 sporting teams at Haughton Academy, Darlington, part of the Education Village Academy Trust, were in the running to win recognition at the school’s annual sports awards celebration.

Students were presented with certificates and trophies for both effort and achievement by special guest speaker and double Paralympic judo medallist Ian Rose.

Former World Champion Ian, who represented Team GB at five Paralympic games and took part in the opening ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics, urged pupils to see what they could achieve by just having a go.

“I contracted eye cancer as a baby, losing my left eye and most of the sight in my right eye,” said Ian. “At school I was bullied for my disability and my self-esteem was very low.

“My dad, a professional wrestler, tried to get me interested in sport, to help boost my confidence, but I just thought that I couldn’t do anything. He asked me how did I know you couldn’t do something if I didn’t give it a go?”

Enrolling in a local judo club, Ian made friends, the bullying stopped and his new found-confidence gave him the will to push himself and excel in his sport.

“I achieved everything just by trying something new, by listening to people, picking myself up and dusting myself down when things went wrong,” Ian said. “So listen, train, be resilient, have a go and just see what you can achieve.”

Alongside individual awards for attitude and most improved, trophies were presented for sports leadership, academic achievement in GCSE PE and for the overall team of the year which was awarded to the boys Year 8 Volleyball squad.

Summing up the evening, culture for learning lead and PE teacher Liam Taylor said: “It has been an incredible night seeing all of our young sports men and women honoured for their achievements.

“Our PE department works very hard to help them achieve but it’s nothing without our students. All we ask is that they give us 100 per cent and that is what each and everyone one of them has done.”

Year 7 female athlete of the year Loulou Beattie, 12, of Darlington, added: “It has been really good to be recognised for all the hard work we put in to our sports.”


Year 7 winners:

Team Player of the Year – Shaneece Mclean / Harrison Scott

Good Sporting Attitude – Loulou Beattie / Sami Ali

Effort in PE Lessons – Charleigh Reed / Robbie Dybell

Achievement in PE Lessons – Chloe Goodwin/ Tilly Snowball /Jay Lindsley

Football Player of the Year – Ebony Greenhalgh / Callum Hutchison

Football Most Improved player – Dylan Bensley

Athlete of the Year –    Loulou Beattie / Robbie Dybell

Cross Country Runner of the Year – Eleanor Kay / Callum Hutchison

Swimmer of the Year – Charleigh Reed / Jay Lindsley

Most Improved Swimmer – Tia Hinds / Ryan Hodgson

Swimming: Most Effort – Emily Bell / Kennedy Frisk /

Dancer of the Year – Zara Lowe

Most Improved Dancer – Carys Davies

Dodgeballer of the Year – Carys Davies

Rugby Player of the Year – Jessica Dunlop / Samuel Craig

Year 8 winners:

Team Player of the Year – Amie Atkinson / Jack Middleton

Good Sporting Attitude – Katie Kaewbuakan / William Watt

Effort in PE Lessons – Stephanie Smith / Ryan Taylor

Achievement in PE Lessons – Jorja Stewart / Joel Sykes

Football Player of the Year – Ruby Yousef / Kenseal Toft

Football’s Most Improved Player –Andrew Morton

Athlete of the Year – Mia Weatherill / Nathan Dybell

Swimmer of the Year – Jorja Stewart / William Watt

Most Improved Swimmer – Benjamin Rodker

Swimming Most Effort – Kane Lyonette

Badminton Player of the Year – Louisa Beal

Most Improved Badminton Player – Fern Crang

Cross country runner of the year – Jessica Townsend / William Watt

Most improved attitude to learning – Mia Ellerby

Year 9 winners:

Team Player of the Year – Millie Garnett / Charlie Walker

Good Sporting Attitude – Ellie Davison / James Morton

Effort in PE Lesson – Sophie Davison / Jack Jenkinson

Cross Country Runner of the Year – Grace Mansfield

Football Player of the Year – Charlie Walker

Football’s Most Improved – Adam Todd

Athlete of the Year – Megan Allen / Charlie Walker

Most Improved Athlete – Fahey Underwood/ Stuart Harnott

Swimmer of the Year – Hannah Taylor

Most Improved Swimmer – Amelia Calvert

Swimming: Most Effort – Abigail Jones

Badminton Player of the Year – Hannah Stanley/ Josh Campbell

Badminton Most Improved – Amber Crossley / Jack Jenkinson

Academic Achievement – Megan Allen / Jack Jenkinson

Academic Effort – Sarah Rainsford / Ben Harle

Most Improved Attitude to Learning – Jack Walker

Young Sports Leader – Sophie Hunter/ James Morton

Year 10 winners:

Team Player – Yasmine Baines/ Taylor Hutchinson

Good Sporting Attitude – Mazie Blythe / Taylor Hutchinson

Effort in PE Lessons – Rosie Sandwick / Nathan Lomas

Most Improved Attitude to Learning – Ellie Armstrong / Jamie Wells

Young Sports Leader- Arizona Rutter

Footballer of the Year – Arizona Rutter / Kieran Briddon

Most improved Football – Josh Brown

Academic Effort – Breyanna Webster, Jayden Wilton

Netballer of the Year- Alana Milne

Most improved Netballer- Jessica Mansfield

Badminton Player of the Year – Jasmine Banner

Most Improved Badminton Player – Annalise Page

Dodgeballer of the Year – Laureen Niquet

Trampoliner of the Year – Rosie Sandick

Cross country Runner of the Year – Rosie Sandick

Athlete of the Year – Megan Twist

Year 11 winners:

Team Player of the Year – Chloe Hutchinson

Good Sporting Attitude – Bethany Higgins

Effort in PE Lessons – Millie Toulson

Academic Achievement – Chloe Hutchinson

Academic Effort – Tia Hans

Most Improved Attitude to Learning – Maisy Sunter

Young Sports Leader- Tia Hans

Footballer of the Year – Lottie Hall

Cross Country Runner of the Year – Natalie Burnside

Most Improved Netballer – Emily Shipton

Team of the Year

Team of the Year – Year 8 Volleyball

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