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Pixonic and MY.GAMES announce mobile PvP shooter, Dino Squad


Apr 6, 2020 #Games

Pixonic and MY.GAMES has announced Dino Squad, a PvP mobile shooter inspired by the 80s cartoon, Dino-Riders. Pre-orders open on March 18 on App Store and Google Play.

In Dino Squad, players fight to survive in a world combining hi-tech and prehistoric creatures. Players choose from one of 17 dinosaurs, armed to their sharp teeth, and compete in fast-paced 6v6 matches.

The announcement comes following the smash hit success of War Robots, Pixonic’s mobile online shooter with over 150 million installs across the world. War Robots has earned $385 million in revenue since it’s original launch in 2014, and continues to grow. The top three revenue-generating territories for War Robots worldwide in descending order are the United States, Japan and Russia, while Germany, France and Italy are the top three in Europe.

Dino Squad was prototyped during a Pixonic game-jam in 2018, where any developer could suggest an idea for the studio’s next game. The winning team took major inspiration from the Dino-Riders animated series, as well as Pixonic’s vast experience in developing online shooters. The game-jam was the first of its kind held at the studio.

Dino Squad’s features include:

  • Fast matches for two teams of six
  • Six maps with unique landscapes and gameplay
  • 17 dinos with distinct game mechanics, weapons, perks, and game styles. Dinos are divided into three weight categories, each with its own pros and cons
  • Diverse gameplay, as players can combining close and distance combat and customise their dinos armor, skills, and perks
  • New lag compensation algorithm, so the game works well even with poor connectivity

“We’re delighted to open pre-orders for Dino Squad today,” commented Georgy Egorov, CEO Pixonic. “Game-jams are one of the most important team building activities we do in a studio. They allow us to get creative and experiment, and come up with some truly innovative ideas. Dinosaurs with guns – what’s not to love?”

Pixonic is one of MY.GAMES’ 12 in-house studios. The launch of Dino Squad kicks off a packed release schedule for MY.GAMES in 2020, which includes multiple new titles across mobile, console, and PC.

You can pre-register for Dino Squad here:

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