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Podcast and video production specialist Outset Studios announces new studio in Manchester

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Full-service podcast and video production specialist Outset Studios is excited to announce the opening of a new studio in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Building on the success at their two London locations, Outset is bringing its skills and expertise to Manchester and surrounding areas, enabling individuals and businesses to benefit from their professional, inspiring approach to podcast and video production.

Once reserved for niche interests and gamers, podcasts have flourished into a global phenomenon. In the UK alone, over 21 million people regularly listen to podcasts and, while podcasts are most popular with younger audiences, 22% of people over 56 listen to them. They are also borderless since you can publish to Spotify or Apple Music, for example, and reach a global audience.

The difficulty with podcasting is the learning curve it takes to get the finished product spot on. Not only does it have to be interesting and engaging, there is also a lot of technology and production that you need to get right, too.

For customers wanting to start a podcast or vlog, or record a promotional video for their business or organisation, Outset provides a professional, cutting-edge environment. Not only do the recording studios consist of the latest state-of-the-art professional recording equipment, they also offer experienced, on-site technicians, super-fast production with live edits and instant sync, and expert support throughout the process – from preproduction to editing.

This means that you will go away with a slick, professional finished product that will help you stand out from the competition and achieve maximum impact.

The new Manchester studio is based in the Northern Quarter, an uber-fashionable neighbourhood, known for its street art, indie record shops, on-trend restaurants, bohemian bars and some of the city’s liveliest venues for music. It’s also home to creative industries, boasting a well-known and much-loved fashion scene. The new studio complements Outset’s two London studios, which are based in the smart and up-to the minute London Bridge area of Central London and funky and eclectic Hoxton in East London.

Michael Olatunji, co-founder of Outset Studio said: “We are so happy to be opening in Manchester. The landscape of podcasting has evolved beyond its niche origins. With significant growth in recent years, the days of casually recording content in your back bedroom with basic equipment are now behind us. A growing number of consumers expect quality sound and picture, as well as great content. Our passion and mission at Outset is to help our clients achieve just that and we can’t wait to get make our mark in Manchester”.

Outset Studio bookings cost from just £84/hr.


Outset Studio provides full-service podcast and video production studios in London and Manchester. Outset specialises in pod- and vlog- casts, live streams and live shopping. The team works collaboratively with the client to make high quality content that attracts an audience and increases engagement. Recording can be done at their studios in London and Manchester, or on location. Whether a client simply wants studio space or would prefer someone to manage the full production, Outset’s experienced teams have it covered.

Web: www.outsetstudio.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/outsetstudiogroup/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outsetstudio/    [@OutsetStudio]

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/company/outset-studio

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