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Premier of play from the multi-award-winning playwright Georgie Bailey for ChewBoy Productions


May 22, 2023

‘and every sun wed walk towards would always be setting, in that beautiful place between the lightness and the dark.’

Two living, breathing people face each other in a theatre space. One is here to help. The other is here for redemption.

These words thatll linger like ghosts till the day I drop down dead is an experimental comi-tragedy, exploring the actions and words we wish wed taken and said to those that have now died told through two actors dealing with the grief of a sibling whos taken their life.

We follow a grieving sister and her friend putting on a play as a method of catharsis, playing out the final weeks of her deceased brother’s life. The interactions they shared, the words said, the conversations never had; opening a web of lies, wishful thinking and, ultimately, the harder side of grief which tears us from each other. The two characters constantly shift in their want to tell this story, and what is morally right in its telling; asking whether theatre is the best tool for therapy.

We hurtle through three stages of these characters attempting to work through their grief: The Imagined, which revolves around the depiction of what the remaining sibling wishes shed said or done to make her brother stay, The Actual, what really happened between them, or so we think, and The Residue, which explores the person now left behind, and how they navigate their way through whats left.

Says Georgie Bailey, writer of the play; ‘This production is written with personal experience of death at its heart and as its inspiration.  It’s both comedic and dark, exploring the struggles many have of talking about grief.’

ChewBoy Productions is an award-winning multi-arts production company specialising in theatre, film, digital and working with new voices. It creates surrealist work which gives its audiences something to chew on long after they’ve experienced it; with each project being unique in utilising the skills of creatives from different backgrounds and specialities.

Praise for ChewBoy Productions:

WINNER Adopt a Playwright Award 2023 | These Words…

LONGLISTED for the Originals Playwriting Award 2022 | These Words…

WINNER Untapped Award 2022 | CALIGARI

WINNER OFFIES (Company Ensemble) 2022 | DJ Bazzers Year 6 Disco

WINNER London Pub Theatre Awards (Innovative Play) 2021 | TETHERED

WINNER Best of Brighton Fringe 2019 | EUAN

ChewBoy really are at the top of their game***** Everything Theatre

Layers of nuance which leave the audience questioning who they are***** London Theatre 1

**** The Scotsman, ThreeWeeks, SpyInTheStalls, Culture Fix UK, London Theatre Reviews, Theatre News, London Pub Theatres, The Wee Review, Broadway Baby, The Beaver

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