A LEADING premium mixer brand has extended its range, with the addition of its Fiery Ginger Beer drink.

The Artisan Drinks Co has unveiled the latest mixer to its already highly popular collection, recognised by its signature, distinctive artwork.

The company – which was set up in 2018 – has previously launched its bespoke tonics which include Classic and Skinny London Tonics, Violet Blossom Tonic, Pink Citrus Tonic along with an Agave Lemon Tonic and a Barrel Smoked Cola.

And now it is offering customers even more choice, with the launch of its Fiery Ginger Beer.

The creation of the ginger beer means that fans of the range have even more choice, with the new mixer a perfect partner for spirits such as rum or in classic cocktails such as Moscow Mule.

Since its inception, The Artisan Drinks Co has been committed to creating innovative mixers which offer something very different to the discerning drinker.

Each mixer in the range has been created to pair perfectly with particular spirits, using flavours and ingredients which will enhance the drinking experience.

At the same time, they are also ideal for inclusion in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, or to be drunk on their own.

The company has gone from strength to strength, selling across UK and Australia and having recently broken into Europe, with both Denmark and Italy the first countries to take the products on board.

“We’re delighted with the reception that all of our mixers are getting across the globe,” said Steve Cooper, brand creator.

“Our eye-catching branding ensures our products stand out from the crowd and we find that clients are then completely won over by the amazing taste.”

“Although the Fiery Ginger Beer is relatively new, it is already being very positively received and we are very pleased with the reaction to it so far.”

For further information visit www.artisandrinks.com