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Product Liability: Getting Started

ByDave Stopher

Sep 21, 2021

Can you picture yourself working with or on a specific item, like a light outlet or a chair? Everything is okay, but then suddenly, the chair breaks. The light outlet lets out a little poof and the luminescence is gone. You might think that this is a simple case of coincidence. But you might not consider it as product liability, which could be a possibility. But what exactly is product liability? Can you do something about it? Can someone be responsible if you sustain injuries due to defective goods? You better stick around if you want to find out.


A-Basics Check

Thousands of businesses and industries sell goods and products. Product liability is when a business or industry will be responsible for a defective item or product. It serves as a way to protect consumers and other concerned individuals who use products. Once you get hurt due to an undesired product, you can file a complaint. You can file against a lot of parties and entities, including the following:

  • The product manager
  • The retailer of the product
  • The product’s manufacturer
  • The product’s wholesaler
  • The establishment that sells the item

You can file against these entities and individuals. However, you cannot go against someone who is selling things in a garage sale. The one who manages the garage sale does not have a steady supply of any item that might cause someone harm.


More Than One Type

We can classify product defects into several categories. There are three primary classifications of items and goods that can cause injuries. Check them out below.

  • Product design defect

These defects are present even before the item leaves the warehouse or shop. There are some errors in the products’ overall design that manufacturers have difficulty locating.

  • Manufacturing process defect

This kind of defect happens when an item acquires errors during the manufacturing stage.

  • Marketing defects

Marketing defects are item flaws during marketing. Workers might fail to mark the items, put necessary instructions, and so on.


Counter Action

You can go ahead once you do find out that you are the victim of a product defect. However, there are instances where a company or manufacturer decides to fight back. When that happens, you have to prepare for the worst-case scenario. In order to gain higher ground, you must connect the defective item properly with the company or business concerned. You must also provide any decent information and documentation that will prove to be helpful for a case.

There is also a scenario where a company will claim that you are responsible for altering the item that caused you an injury or two. You have to guarantee to document the product as it is before putting it as a piece of evidence.


Getting Professional Assistance

You have the option to work on a product liability claim on your own. It will take some time and resources to do so. In addition, you must also possess the knowledge that will allow you to win a case. If you don’t want to handle the legal aspects of a scenario, there is always another option. You can get in touch with a product liability lawyer who can help you with a case. It would not be a difficult task to find one. As each city in the country has a law firm or a private practice that handles such affairs. You can pay a visit to one of these establishments for an appointment. They will be more than happy to give you some assistance. You also have the option to find a lawyer online. You will not have any issues finding a product liability lawyer Jackson, Wyoming has to offer. You can 


Will It Be Costly To Hire A Lawyer?

That will depend on the lawyer you are working with once you file a complaint. You can discuss how you will work the payment out. You can go by the hour if you wish. You can also aim for a contingency fee. A contingency fee will give you access to legal assistance, no matter your financial status. Get in touch with your lawyer first to make sure the payment will not stress you out at all.


One More Thing

It pays to keep the product in hand when handling product liability issues. Don’t hand it over to anyone at all, except the lawyer you are working with. Or if they are not available, you can give the item to the company they work at for safekeeping. They will know what to do with such a crucial piece of evidence.