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Productivity tips to keep your field service team on track

If you’re a field service manager, you know how difficult it can be to keep your remote technicians on track while finding ways to improve productivity. There will always be distractions and challenges that get in the way of productivity, but it’s your responsibility to keep your team focused. Here are some productivity tips to keep your team members on track and improve their overall productivity.

Set targets for your technicians

One of the top reasons employees feel demotivated is a lack of recognition, and an unmotivated workforce can lead to a 49% decrease in productivity. Set targets for your technicians and use these goals to develop a rewards programme to improve recognition and motivation. Targets give your technicians something to work towards, giving them purpose and direction to help them stay focused. For target setting to be effective, include your technicians in the process. As they are working towards these targets, including them in the conversation will help you set achievable goals. If your targets aren’t realistic, your technicians will feel overwhelmed working to achieve something unattainable. Instead of feeling motivated, they’ll become frustrated, negatively affecting productivity.

Reduce paperwork

A paper-based system can slow your team down, so you should reduce paperwork or go paperless to improve productivity. Capturing data with a paper system is time-consuming, as the information has to be filed and duplicated in case the original documents are damaged or misplaced. Paper also takes up space, and a filing system can become disorganised if it’s not kept up to date. With a system like Field Management Software, you can keep all your data in one place, making it easier for everyone in your team to access the information they need. Because the software is a cloud-based solution, you and your team can access your data anywhere from any device.

Optimise route planning

Your field service technicians spend most of their time on the road, so optimised routes can reduce travel time, giving your team time to complete more jobs in a day. The most efficient way to reduce travel time and find the most economical routes is to use an online route planning tool. The system will consider your team’s location and schedule and automatically find the most economical way or the fastest appointment available. A route planning tool will save you time and the hassle of optimising travel routes manually. Most Field Management Software solutions include a route planning tool, which means that you can use one platform to manage your business and automate manual tasks.

Boost your time management skills

Good time management skills empower you to maximise your time and get more work done in a day. Top time management skills include prioritisation, stress management, planning, adaptability, communication, and goal setting. Improving these skills will help you structure your workday efficiently to finish tasks on time and meet your goals. As a field service manager, you can improve your time management skills with a job scheduling tool. Automated job scheduling saves you time, prevents scheduling conflicts and reduces stress.

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