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Property Selling Tips: 5 Things That Increase Your Property’s Value

ByDave Stopher

Jun 10, 2020

Selling your property is difficult, especially if there are various homes available in your neighborhood that offer competition. To ensure that your house stands out, you should know its accurate value and avoid selling it at a lower price. You can come up with improvements that create an aesthetic, pleasant, and functional home. Once the upgrade is complete, you can list your property for consideration by interested homebuyers.

However, increasing the value of your property is challenging if you don’t know where to start. If you’re selling a property in Leeds or other locations, here are some ways in which you can boost your property’s value:

  1. Fix Your Home’s Interior and Exterior

The structure of your house can affect your potential buyer’s decision. So, you must ensure that there are no issues on this account and your house looks the best from inside and outside. Replace anything ugly and damaged because these problems, such as a leaking roof, cracked walls, crumbled roof tiles, collapsed floor, and insect infestation can decrease your home’s value.

If the paint from the walls is peeling off, consider repainting it because a coat of paint can make your house look modern and bright. However, don’t use bold colors such as green because not everyone finds these colors appealing. Ask help from a designer before deciding on the color of your walls to ensure that it’ll stand out. Also, damaged walls need replacement, and gaps should be filled with fresh concrete to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Neglecting these small issues will make them worse and more expensive to repair. Thus, if you notice any structural defects that’ll affect your home’s value, immediately seek help from a structural engineer.

  1. Give Your Garden a Makeover

You may not be aware, but improving your garden can add substantial value to your property. Having a backyard can attract buyers’ attention and help you quickly sell the house. It depends on how much effort you exert to create an appealing environment. That’s why you must give your garden a makeover. However, rest assured that it won’t cost you that much.

Vivify your messy and dull garden by following these tips:

  • Tidy up dead plants
  • Place plant pots
  • Add colorful decorations
  • Give bright shades to pots
  • Install hanging baskets
  • Replace old soil
  • Insert night lighting

These uncomplicated steps can boost your property’s value, impress your buyers, and make them feel satisfied with the overall quality of the dwelling.

  1. Clean and Organize Your House

When selling your house, know that a sparkly and clean home can get your buyers more interested. You don’t have to spend too much money, but ensure that you have enough time to do the job well.

Spruce up places that you don’t usually see, such as behind the refrigerator and stove. Don’t let dust and dirt accumulate and clean it immediately. Also, make sure to declutter your personal belongings. Use a storage box to store your things, put them in a specific area, or get rid of them altogether.

A clean home is healthy for you and your family. When the time comes to sell your house, you can be confident enough to present it to others. There’ll be no traces of your possessions, which will make potential buyers feel at ease. Aside from that, having an organized home can provide you a favorable selling price.

  1. Remodel Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the places that buyers usually check before deciding whether to buy your property or not. They typically consider this an essential part of the home they are considering. They want a functional space that can provide excellent service.

However, you don’t have to upgrade it by spending too much money to increase your property’s value. There’s no need for stainless steel appliances or granite and marble benchtops. Even though these can make the space look modern, most people don’t prefer an ultra-modern kitchen. They’ll think that the maintenance costs of your house are high because of the materials.

Thus, you can opt for simple renovations like repainting, replacing floor tiles, and changing the lights. You can also add some colors and cabinets with a faux-wood finish. Lastly, invest in hanging racks and storage organizers. You can also ask for kitchen design advice from kitchen designers.

  1. Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often overused. So, you must ensure that it’s functioning well, hygienic, fresh, and good looking. Aside from that, you can add a touch of luxury, which can help you impress your buyers. Here are some of the upgrades you should consider.

  • Go for marble or granite countertops
  • Invest in heated underfloor
  • Change your sanitaryware
  • Add a mirror
  • Create a walk-in-shower


The above-mentioned upgrades can surely increase your home’s value. However, the tasks can be overwhelming. Thus, finish them one at a time and ask for professional help. If you upgrade your house well, you can enhance your property’s value, attract buyers, and get the selling price you want.