Water tanks are essential items because they allow people to store water. Water tanks are made from different materials, and you can choose them according to the use for which you are storing water. Some of the top materials used for making water tanks would include the following:

Poly (Plastic) Water Tanks

These tanks are made with polyethylene, and they are food grade plastic and UV stabilized. Light in weight you need more than some sand on the base to fix them. You can find a wide range of colors, and long durability from the market and Anton poly rainwater tank are classified within these specifications. The tanks can command a lifespan of up to 25 years, but if you look at it, they will last a good 15 years. It is cheaper, and it is recyclable and a good option for water storage.

Steel Water Tanks

Water tanks made of steel is largely in use, and they can be made from any of these three materials:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Zincalume®
  • Colorbond ®

The last two items can carry other names in different countries. Steel tanks have been in use for 150 years and the cheapest available for domestic use. These are coated with iron with zinc as the latter is a great anti-corrosion agent. However, the lifespan of the tank can live for five years, and it will depend on the weather and the environmental condition of your area. When you buy steel tank make sure it is aptly coated to thwart corrosion, so it lasts longer.

Concrete Water tanks

The concrete tank has the advantage of installing either above or below the ground hence is useful for all homes and occasions. You can choose the later if you don’t have enough space in the home to place the water tank. The tank can be easily built according to need and specification, and you can even build one under your driveway.  These tanks are fabricated after combing different sections and coated with a liner to stop leakages.

Fiberglass Water Tanks

This one is guaranteed to last for a long time if kept and maintained properly.  You can install it either above the ground or below without difficulty. Tanks made of fiberglass are a great resistor of corrosion but may be vulnerable to chemicals and Oiler Depot.  The material should be coated with paint or gel, as it tends to let sunlight in and encourage the growth of water born organisms like algae.

Whatever material you choose make sure that they are of good quality and from the right source. These tanks come with a guarantee, and you will do well to ask it from the supplier or fabricator before installing it. It is also important for water tanks to conform to health norms applicable to your area, district or country. Anton water tank is fabricated with all the standards applicable to Sri Lanka and are suitable for use in potable water, agricultural, food manufacturing process, rain harvesting,etc., and are made with high-grade plastic that is food grade. You can easily order them from online, and they are available in both double layer and triple layer variety.