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Pupil celebrates 100 per cent award


Jun 29, 2017

A STAR pupil has topped the register after recording an outstanding attendance record throughout his primary years.

By the end of the summer term, Springfield Academy student Kyle Charlton will have chalked up an incredible 1,167 days in the classroom, missing only three days in total over a period of six years.

Year 6 pupil Kyle, ten, of Darlington, has now been appointed attendance ambassador by the academy to help raise the profile of good attendance in school.

Attendance co-ordinator Becky Llamas said: “We are very proud of Kyle’s attendance record which is an absolutely remarkable achievement.

“He has not had a single day off school in four years and only missed two days in Year 2 through sickness and one day in Year 1.

“Kyle’s amazing attendance also reflects in everything he does within school; he is never late, he is always keen and ready to learn, is always prepared for lessons, has represented the academy on numerous occasions and is a real role model for other pupils.”

Kyle’s new ambassador role will involve assisting with monitoring class registers, messaging class teachers highlighting good news or areas of concern, producing a leaflet for parents with top tips on how to improve attendance and he will also speak to other children who have improved their attendance or those who may be struggling.

“Improving attendance is one of our main targets and every day counts in school,” added Mrs Llamas.

“If pupils have persistent absences then it can become impossible for them to catch up and statistics prove that pupils with a good attendance record do perform better in school.”

Kyle will be moving to Haughton Academy where he hopes to maintain his unbroken 100 per cent attendance record.

“I really like school, love maths and seeing all my friends here every day,” said Kyle.

“Even if I feel a little bit poorly I still want to come to school so I wouldn’t miss anything.

“I feel really proud to have been made the first attendance ambassador for Springfield Academy.”

Kyle’s mum Amy Raw added: “Kyle loves school and is always ready to leave the house on a morning half an hour before he actually needs to. He’s very studious, enjoys his work and just gets on with things.

“He especially enjoys getting his 100 per cent attendance certificates at the end of each term and we are all really proud of him.”

By Emily