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Pupils tred the boards of new outdoor theatre

PUPILS proved that all the world’s a stage as they trod the boards for the first time of their new outdoor theatre.

Barnard Castle Preparatory School has created the open air stage as part of the continued development of outdoor space to stimulate learning.

The theatre will be used spontaneously by children at break times as well as in a more structured way during lessons.

It will also be the focus of future musical performances, including during the forthcoming school open day on October 1, from 9.30am to 11.30am.

Headmistress Laura Turner said: “I was conscious that not all children enjoy playing football or netball or just running around the playground and that many thrive in a dramatic setting.

“The staging allows younger and older children to work together, let themselves go and be creative. They are really good at making up their own plays and characters and now they have the perfect outdoor setting.”

The Prep School Barney Friends are providing a story-telling chair, there is a quiet area with comfortable cushions and giant chess, Jenga and other board games.

“Being outdoors is so important to children’s development and helps then engage more productively with their classroom studies,” said Mrs Turner. “These latest developments will also make the playground their space and allow them to explore in any way they wish.”

Prospective parents and pupils will get the chance to see the new facilities as Barnard Castle School stages its official Open Day on October 1, from 9.30am to 11.30am.

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