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A Rare Copy of a Viz comic Sells for a Record £900 at Anderson & Garland


Oct 28, 2016

A 4th edition copy of the well known Viz comic sold for £900 at auction in Newcastle by Anderson & Garland. The rare comic making more than a 1st edition which was sold for £880 in 2014 at Anderson & Garland. The comic section of the sale  topped £13,458, almost double the pre sale estimate.

Fred Wyrley Birch, Specialist at Anderson & Garland said “ There was a great deal of inetrest in this section of the sale, with plenty of local bidders in the auction room as well as collectors from around the world on the phone and internet. We have  sold 1st edition copies of Viz in the past for less than this 4th edition made.”

Viz was founded in 1979 by Chris Donald and parodies the British comic of the post war period. Many Viz characters have featured in long-running strips, becoming well known in their own right, including spin-off cartoons. Characters often have rhyming or humorous taglines, such as Roger Melie, the Man on the Telly, Sid the Sexist and Johnny Fartpants.

In the science fiction scection of the auction a large private collection of Dr Who memorabilia, including a life size model of Dr Who’s most feared adversary the Daleks, sold for £4,569.00 at auction. The life size model of the Dalek sold for £440 to an avid Dr Who collector from Reading.

The sale also included a large quantity of toys and games which made £4,489.00 with a Märklin electric train selling for £650. Märklin were responsible for the creation of several popular model railroad gauges. In 1891, Märklin defined gauges 1-5 as standards for toy trains and presented them at the Leipzig Toy Fair. They soon became international standards.

By Emily