• Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

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Revealed: The most popular Great British Bake Off Contestants, according to Twitter

As things continue to heat up in the Great British Bake Off kitchen, Vanquis have been analysing conversation on Twitter to see which contestants we love, which we hate and which we just can’t stop talking about – https://www.vanquis.co.uk/great-british-bake-off-favourites

Who are the most popular contestants?

Steph, the Chester-born shop assistant who just missed out on being crowned Star Baker for 4 weeks in a row, is the nation’s favourite baker, with 82.1% of tweets about her being positive, closely followed by David, with 78.3% positive tweets.

Here’s how popular the remaining contestants are:

  1. Steph – 82.1% positive tweets
  2. David – 78.3% positive tweets
  3. Henry – 74.5% positive tweets
  4. Alice – 70.8% positive tweets
  5. Michael – 65% positive tweets
  6. Rosie – 51.4% positive tweets

If the public could vote, who would win?

While the final decision on who stays and who goes falls to Paul and Prue, we all have our own opinions on who deserves to win. But what would actually happen if the public could vote? By taking the total amount of contestant mentions and weighing this against net viewer sentiment, Vanquis have calculated who the British public would choose to win.

If it was down to the viewers, Henry would continue his lucky streak and win the whole series, while Rosie would be the next person to go home.

Will Twitter’s predictions come true? We’ll have to wait till next week to find out! In the meantime, head over to the Vanquis website to find out more – https://www.vanquis.co.uk/great-british-bake-off-favourites