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SCHOOLS in Sunderland have been able to provide a range of activities for their pupils, thanks to donations from Sunderland’s SR1 Rotary group.

The group holds a number of fund raising events and challenges throughout the year to help raise money which goes to support good causes across the city.

And this included three small grants to primary and infant schools to help fund some specific projects plus £250 to support the Bridges’ campaign to buy books for schools.

A £250 grant to Grindon Infant School meant the school was able to provide transport for youngsters to go to the pantomime, meaning that parents did not have to pay.

The same amount was donated to St Anne’s Primary School at Hylton Road, which has been used to buy plants, trees and vegetables to put in a community garden.

The pupils look after the garden and will be able to benefit from all of the produce that grows.

A further grant was also given to Grangetown Primary School, which is also being used for the benefit of the pupils.

Dan Hodgson of Rotary SR1 said the group was delighted to be able to help the schools.

“These aren’t huge amounts of money but they have helped to make a massive difference at all of these schools,” he said.

“We have had fantastic feedback from the schools and the head teachers and we are really pleased that we have been able to support the young people in a variety of ways.”

Rotary SR1 is made up of members from a variety of backgrounds including hospitality, retail, education, architecture and media who work together on projects to raise money which then is used to support specific events and schemes.

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