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Sage Gateshead welcomes World Music to take the stage


Sep 9, 2017 #Entertainment, #event

Sage Gateshead is inviting audiences to explore music from across the globe as part of its autumn World Music programme.

World music includes artists from an eclectic range of genres, from the indigenous music of Africa, Australia and South Africa to more western sounding folk songs. This type of music is deeply rooted in the cultures of the different countries it comes from, and will introduce audiences to a diverse selection of traditional World sound.

Sage Gateshead is proud to be one of the only venues in the North East to offer such a vast programme of acts that will transport audiences on a musical world tour.

Highlights include the Riverside Ragas performances, which bring up-and-coming Indian, and Making Tracks: Saz’iso, part of The Freedom Project 2017, celebrating the messages of Dr Martin Luther Kind Jr.

Rush 2 Break Out

Saturday 30th September, 2017, 7pm – Sage Two, Tickets: £5 Full Price, £3 Concessions

Jeduthun Music is a team creatives, comprising of singers, dancers, musicians and artists.

Rush 2.0 Break Out promises an evening of music dance and spoken word that will bring you to an encounter that will cause you to break free from limitations and release the potential and greatness on the inside of you.

Come and experience it there’s something for everyone, this is a night you won’t want to miss.

Book now: http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/rush-2-break-out/

Riverside Ragas: Roopa Panesar and Bhupinder Chaggar

Saturday 7th October, 2017, 7.45pm – Northern Rock Foundation Hall, Tickets: £13.10

Considered one of the finest Sitar players to emerge on the Indian music scene in the UK, Roopa Panesar has received accolades from audiences and peers alike for her outstanding ability and quality of music.

Her soulful and unique style of playing has left her listeners captivated, touching the hearts of audiences far and wide and received blessings from many eminent musicians in the world of Indian classical music.

Family ticket available £32.70 for four people, one must be under 18 (Available from the ticket office only)

Book now: http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/riverside-raga-panesar-chagger/

Kayhan Kalhor & Toumani Diabaté

Thursday 2nd November, 2017, 8pm – Sage Two, Tickets: £21.30

The Iranian Kamanche virtuoso Kayhan Kalhor is one of the internationally best known exponents of Persian and Kurdish music. He has not only played concerts with the legendary Persian singers Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri, but has also become known to international audiences through his collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma, the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the filmmaker Francis Ford Copolla.

Kayhan Kalhor loves to collaborate and encounter musicians from other traditions. Thus he has worked with Indian musicians, performed together with the Azerbaijani singer Alim Qasimov at the Morgenland Festival Osnabrück and has played for many years with the Turkish Baglama virtuoso Erdal Erzincan. Toumani Diabaté will meet Kalhor for the first time in Osnabrück.

Toumani Diabaté comes from an ancient Griot family, who claim to be able to trace their ancestry back 70 generations. Griots are the guardians of history, literature and music in their culture. Diabaté learned to play the Kora from his father Sidiki Diabaté and now often performs with his own son. Today, Toumani Diabaté is recognized as one of the most influential musicians from West Africa and as an excellent player of the Kora, the West African double bridge harp-lute.

Just like Kayhan Kalhor, Diabaté has sought out musicians with other styles. For example, he has worked with the Icelandic singer Björk, the flamenco band Ketama and the American jazz trombonist Roswell Rudd.

Book now: http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/kayhan-kalhor-and-toumani-diabat/

Riverside Ragas: Debasmita Bhattacharya (sarod) and Gurdain Rayatt (tabla)

Friday 3rd November, 2017, 7.45pm – Sage Two, Tickets: £13.10

Debasmita Bhattacharya, an accomplished sarod player from Kolkata, West Bengal, is a rising young female star of the Indian music scene. She is gaining critical acclaim across musical circles in her native India and beyond with her remarkable talent and powerhouse performances.

Debasmita was first inspired to pick up the instrument by her father, Pandit Debashish Bhattachary, and is currently a scholar at the prestigious ITC Sangeet Research Academy (SRA) in Kolkata, studying with her guru, Sarod maestro Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta. Debasmita has won many accolades, including first prize in the “Sangeet Praveen” competition and top prizes at the Doverlane Music and the Rajya Sangeet Academy competitions.

Enjoy a programme of ragas on the emotive sarod, with sensitive and yet electric accompaniment from Gurdain Rayatt, one of the finest young tabla players in the UK. Join us for an evening of exquisite Indian classical music!

Family ticket available £32.70 for four people, one must be under 18 (Available from the ticket office only)

Book now: http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/riverside-ragas-debasmita-bhattacharya-sarod-and-gurdain-rayatt-tabla/

Making Tracks: Saz’iso (The Saze Project)

Saturday 11th November, 2017, 8pm – Sage Two, Tickets: £11, £5 – students

Part of the Freedom City 2017 project, which marks the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Jr receiving his honorary degree from Newcastle University. The project aims to highlight and address the issues Dr King raised in his acceptance speech, including racism, war, and poverty.

The Saze hails from the stark landscapes of Southern Albania – a polyphonic music with the power to entrance any listener, even if they are strangers to the culture of this long-isolated country.

Urban instruments such as clarinet and violin took their inspiration from the iso-polyphonic singing of the villages where vocalists follow the ancient patterns of ‘lead’ and ‘cutting’ voices to improvise swirls around the melody, with moods ranging from aching, blues-like ‘kaba’ to joyful dances.

This hand-picked ensemble includes some of the finest contemporary performers of this mesmerizing style originating in the cradles of Saze around the beautiful towns of Korça and Përmet, opening a window into Albania’s fascinating musical traditions.

Multibuy available when purchasing tickets for more than one concert in the Making Tracks series

Book now: http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/the-saze-project/

Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita

Tuesday 21st November, 2017, 8pm – Sage Two, Tickets: £21.80

Transparent Water is an exquisitely beautiful new collaboration between the seven-time Grammy-nominated pianist, composer and bandleader Omar Sosa from Cuba, and the award-winning Senegalese kora master and singer, Seckou Keita.

Sosa and Keita are both acclaimed musical adventurers with a rich global heritage that spans jazz, Latin and African influences, and the combination of both artists on stage together is an incredibly exciting prospect.

Transparent Water is the latest example of Omar Sosa’s transcendent determination to seek new combinations, a manifestation of improvisatory freedom and the joy of shared artistic expression with Keita, who recently won the Songlines Best Album Award 2016 for Africa and Middle East for his latest solo album 22 Strings alongside a nomination for Best Artist.

Book now: http://www.sagegateshead.com/event/omar-sosa-and-seckou-keita/

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