Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.52.55CADETS are parading their civic skills in a new scheme to foster community spirit.

Year 3 and 4 pupils at Heathfield Primary School, Darlington, have become the first in the town to join the Junior Community Cadets.

The youngsters will become the eyes and ears of the community striving to make the borough a safer, securer place.

The scheme originated in Stockton and is now being phased in across Darlington. Cadets will develop a host of skills as they are exposed to key areas, including the council, police and fire brigade, to learn about community safety issues such as fire safety, crime prevention and combatting bullying.

Community project manager Sam Gibbons said: “By coming together like this pupils will be able to make a real difference to their community.

“They will become great role models to their peers and be able to pass on their experiences, thoughts and ideas on how to improve life in Darlington.”

Acting head teacher Lisa Bainbridge said: “The pupils we have selected can’t wait to get started and the impact on the rest of the school has already been immense. Cadets are now setting the standards and there is huge interest in pupils wanting to join the ranks.”

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