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School uses Greggs grants to feed children at home

LOCKDOWN has given a school food for thought in how to make the best use of the support it receives in running its breakfast club.

Gurney Pease Academy, part of the Education Village Academy Trust, Darlington, partners with bakers Greggs to provide children with a breakfast club.

But as school is currently closed because of Covid-19, grants that are being accessed through Greggs are now being put to good use in providing food parcels to support some children and their families in the community.

Principal Alison Sinclair said: “These are difficult times for us all and we are delighted to do anything we can to help our school community.

“Greggs have been so supportive of our breakfast club, which ensures children have a good meal in them to start the day’s learning, so we were thrilled they wanted to continue helping during lockdown.”

Gurney Pease Academy pupils have been busy home-schooling using the Education Village Academy Trust’s sophisticated virtual learning environment, with work being set digitally.

Children were also keen to get involved in helping others by supporting Captain Tom Moore in his historic sponsored walk, which raised more than £30m for NHS charities, by urging him on in his endeavours and sending him cards for his 100th birthday.

Mrs Sinclair said: “This is so typical of our pupils who are always very keen to involve themselves in anything which helps others. We are very conscious that the best place for our pupils to be is in school and, when it is safe for schools to open, we look forward to seeing them back.”

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