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Scott Logic helps banks master conversational commerce

Scott LogicBespoke software development consultancy Scott Logic has created a new video that demonstrates the power of conversational commerce.

The video, lasting just one minute, 45 seconds, shows how conversational commerce drastically reimagines the way services are delivered to banking customers by moving interactions with them into real-time chat, messaging or other natural language interfaces.

Scott Logic’s Head of User Experience (UX) Design Graham Odds, who created the video explained: “Conversational commerce, which has been harnessed recently by brands such as Facebook, and Microsoft, is a perfect example of where powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can be made truly meaningful by strong, user-centred collaboration between business, design and development.

“At Scott Logic we’ve been exploring this trend for some time and created the video to capture some of our initial thoughts around how the conversational commerce paradigm might apply to the kinds of services typically offered by some of our financial clients.”

The ideas in the video have been distilled from significant and ongoing design and development experimentation by Scott Logic’s technologists, around the opportunities for conversational commerce made possible by various applications and platforms.

Graham, who also spoke on the subject at the recent Retail Banking Innovation and UX Scotland conferences, continued: “The increasing commoditisation of artificial intelligence (AI as a Service), as exemplified by IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, api.ai and wit.ai among others, means we can concentrate squarely on what we can do with it that’s of genuine value to end users, rather than worry about how the nitty gritty of the AI algorithms work in detail.”

View the Scott Logic video here, and if you’re interested in how Scott Logic can help you have more valuable conversations with your customers, email enquiries@scottlogic.com.

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