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Jan 4, 2022 #Haribo

A survey of 2,000 UK adults has found that those in Scotland spend on average £51 per year on Christmas decorations, with only London reporting higher at £79 per household.

Despite this, 51% of Scots agree that decorating the home at Christmas has become too competitive, with almost a quarter (23%) suggesting they feel pressure to have the perfect presentation in place when they deck the halls.

What’s more, 46% admitted that one person in the family will be responsible for the decorating, with just 11% putting their Christmas tree up before 1 December, compared to 29% in London and 21% in Northern Ireland.

It may come as no surprise therefore that over 64% have no colour scheme, with 45% spending no time at all thinking about the decorations before putting them up.

But despite the apparent chill in the air, it’s not all bah humbug as HARIBO’s Marketing Manager, Jessica Hardcastle, explains.

She comments: “While 27% of Scots say that decorating the home is a chore, that still leaves a massive 69% that consider it a fun activity! Nearly a third (32%) said their tree would be full of sentimental ornaments, with 70% following the same traditions they do each year.

“That’s why HARIBO is on a mission to encourage people to use #DecoratingDay as the perfect excuse to have some fun. We want to see families wearing matching pyjamas, turning up the festive tunes and sharing some sweet treats while embracing the perfectly imperfect that comes with letting the children loose with the fairy lights and tinsel.

“Whatever day you choose to deck the halls, we want families to embrace the excitement that comes with doing it together!”

The UK’s leading sweet manufacturer will use its latest Christmas Campaign #DecoratingDay to encourage families throughout the UK to decorate the house and tree together this Christmas. 

HARIBO thinks the countdown to Christmas is more fun when shared. As such, the brand will post examples of the perfectly imperfect scenes from content creators and fans across its social channels in the run up to the festive occasion.

For more information, please visit @HARIBOUKI on Instagram, @OfficialHARIBO on Twitter and HARIBO UK on Facebook.

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