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Senior carer at Cramlington care home celebrates 25 years’ service


Dec 17, 2021 #MHA

A staff member at a Cramlington care home has been recognised for her services with a celebration marking a 25 year association with the home.

Tracey Kennedy joined MHA Harwood Court in 1996 and started as a care assistant and over the course has progressed into a senior carer.

There was a small party to celebrate her achievements and on the day Tracey was presented with a bouquet.

The home has 35 beds and provides residential care and is situated within a quiet, leafy suburban setting which ensures both peaceful surroundings and a relaxed pace of life.

Speaking about her time Tracey said: “I never thought I would be in any job for 25 years but I love my job at MHA and I love this home, it is part of me and it feels like home to me too.

“There have been good times and bad times but we always have seemed to pull through them together as a team even though people come and go. MHA has been supportive to me and the job is a huge part of my life.

“It is a very busy home and there is always so much to do but somehow we always seem to get a ray of sunshine in our day with a laugh or a smile from our residents and we have lovely relatives.”

Sarah Bell, home manager said; “Tracey’s achievement of 25 years’ service is fantastic and just shows how rewarding it is to work in care.

“I don’t know many people who have stayed in a role in the same business as Tracey has, MHA is a great place to be.

“We live and breathe our values every day. It really does help create a happy team.

“Tracey works very hard and is extremely passionate about the home. She will often stay late if there is something that needs to be done or if she knows something isn’t quite right because she wants the home to achieve great things.”

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