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shinobicontrols’ latest partnership helps bring tools to life for clients

Checking the VideoThe leading creator of charts and tools for native app development has for the first time published animated videos to bring its offering to life, thanks to a local partnership.

shinobicontrols has worked with Newcastle-based animation studio Kuro Dragon to produce two short animated videos that fully explain its heritage and products.

shinobicontrols’ Chief Operating Officer Stuart Grey explained: “Kuro Dragon were very thorough in the way they worked with us, walking us through the end to end process and chatting through a number of interesting ideas.

“Our app development tools are trusted by thousands of mobile developers, agencies and enterprises to make stunning user interfaces for iOS and Android, but through the great accessibility of these videos, we can now quickly demonstrate the power and versatility of our products. This will enable us to reach even more developers globally.

“We’re extremely pleased with the end result.”

Stuart Howard, Kuro Dragon’s founder added: “Our intention was to create videos that explained both shinobicontrols and shinobicharts quickly and succinctly to someone that was likely to be hearing about the brand and its tools for the first time.”

The resulting videos, which are embedded in the shinobicontrols website at shinobicontrols.com, will be used at events and throughout marketing  communications, including social media, as tools to build relationships with new and existing clients alike.

To view the videos and for more information on shinobicontrols and its products, visit shinobicontrols.com.

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