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Should I try to eat more oats in the morning?

ByDave Stopher

Jun 7, 2021

When you wake up in the morning, do you ever find it hard to get a breakfast that is tasty, satisfying, and filling? And yes, this means doing so without adding in sugar and other sweetening devices. With that in mind, you no doubt sometimes choose to go without the use of a breakfast entirely, right? Better to start with nothing than something unhealthy, correct?

Well, if you are in that position, you might want to think about returning to the old classic of the breakfast world: Oats, especially Mornflake Porridge Oats.

Oats are one of the most effective foods to start your day with. They are healthy, they are enjoyable, they are filling, and they can give you energy to see you right into lunchtime – or beyond. That’s why, if you have a long and exhausting day ahead, you should focus on taking in some of those wonderful oats. They could be the transformative solution that you need to really work towards feeling better as soon as possible.

What, though, are the main benefits of eating oats in the morning?

Why should you go out of your way to make sure your day starts with oats?

A high-end source of nutrition

First off, oats are a great source of vital ingredients and nutrition that our bodies need. You can get a healthy helping of things like phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, and magnesium from your oats. For the average person, that can be a far bigger intake of either nutrient, mineral, and vitamin than they normally get in the morning.

Loaded with polyphenols

Another nice benefit of oats is that they are rich in a substance known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are great for us, offering a solution that can make sure your body is capable of fighting back against illness. It is also a source of avenanthramides, which are very important for normalising blood pressure.

Soluble fiber in abundance

Soluble fiber in our diets is a very important building block of a generally happier and healthier life. With that in mind, you might wish to think about eating more oats. They provide you with beta-glucan, a form of soluble fiber that is key for reducing cholesterol and making you feel fuller in the future.

Speaking of cholesterol…

Thanks to the presence of beta-glucan, you can look forward to finding a way to break down the levels of cholesterol which are circulating in your body. This is very important, making sure that you can work towards getting rid of problems like inflammation in the arteries, reducing tissue damage, and then combating the risk of a heart attack.

Lose weight due to fullness

The main benefit of oats in the morning, though, is they leave you with a lasting sense of fullness. Compare that to other breakfasts that can wear off before your day even gets started, and oats make a great pre-work preparation solution. They leave you feeling full and energised, meaning you aren’t waiting for lunch with the same desperation as you would be normally.

So, can you see why eating some oats in the morning might be the ideal way to break your fast and make the day a little easier?

Mornflake have been developing top quality porridge oats, milling their oats since 1675. With centuries of well-earned reputation, the company has become the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to buy quality, well cared-for oats that can capture the richness of taste and depth of nutrition expected.