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Signs That Your Ac Needs To Be Serviced


Nov 14, 2020

An air conditioner that’s working at its optimum efficiency will help to provide you with the cooling and heating needs that your home deserves. It might come at an added cost of regular maintenance but it’s all worth it. All that it requires is that you be attentive and mindful of your AC unit. You could schedule timely maintenance routines from a qualified HVAC contractor either at the time of the installation or way down the line. So, how do you tell that your AC is malfunctioning? Below are signs that your air conditioning unit needs to be serviced. 

1. A Clogged Up Filter

One of the main culprits of an inefficient air conditioner is the build-up of dirt and debris. A clogged up air filter could be all that it takes to render your AC inefficient. The quality of air circulating your home is so much dependent on a clean air conditioner and its filter/s. The pros at doing aircon chemical wash services in Singapore suggest an overhaul chemical cleaning service, as this will help to not only prolong your unit’s lifespan but will also boost its efficiency and lower your utility bills. Within a sphere of air conditioner chemical cleaning services include: 

  • A disassembling of the AC components
  • A thorough clean up of the coil
  • The drainage system has to be drained and vacuumed
  • Washing the fan and coil with the right chemicals
  • Drying of the major components
  • Assembling and testing the unit
  • Topping up the refrigerator liquid or gas if need be

2. Strange And Unusual Sounds From The Ac Unit

A brand new air conditioning unit hums gently. The same cannot be said about a neglected unit. There’ll be unusual noises coming from the unit some of which will suggest that the unit needs to be serviced. Any banging, clicking, or bubbling noises should prompt you to call the AC contractor immediately. It might also be a high-pitched sound coming from the AC. Now, all these are indicators that either the fan bearings are damaged, the drain lines are clogged, or that the air filter is obstructed. Failure to take note of your unit’s functioning could see you incur costly parts replacement costs. 

3. High Utility Bills

If you haven’t been experiencing high utility bills and all of a sudden you are receiving a higher power bill and it’s not summer, then, there are higher chances that your AC unit is malfunctioning. Your utility bills should be in sync with your power usage and it’s during summer that you might experience higher energy costs. 

Ensure to check the ductwork for any leaks or whether the air filter is clogged up. It could be that your unit is also older. A check-up from a qualified HVAC contractor might help to point out the underlying problems. They’ll also provide you with insights on the best actions to take. 

4. Higher Humidity Levels In Your Home Than Usual

The reason to invest in an air conditioning unit is to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. This is especially the case if you happen to be living in areas prone to high humidity. High humidity is the number one cause of hyperthermia. It could also be the reason you are lethargic, feeling dehydrated, and fatigued. 

If you have an air conditioning system and are experiencing the above symptoms, then there are higher chances that your home is filled with humidity. It’s time to take the necessary steps to have it fixed pronto as this could have negative effects on your health. If you also notice mold and mildew build up in your home, then it could be that your AC unit needs repairs. 

5. Increased Repair Costs

If you’ve been struggling with air conditioning repair costs, then it’s time you did something about it. It could be that your unit has reached its expiration date and needs to be replaced or other underlying factors that need to be addressed. Whatever the case, you need to have a qualified opinion from an experienced HVAC contractor. It’s for this reason routine AC checkups are highly recommended. Among the benefits of timely AC maintenance routines include:

  • It lowers your energy consumption
  • It improves the quality of air circulating your home
  • It increases the unit’s longevity

The above are signs that your unit needs repairs. They could also be a sign that you need to replace the unit. This is especially the case if the repair costs are not adding up or it could be that you are working with an older air conditioning unit. Whichever the case, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unit is more energy-efficient and that the air circulating your home is of the best quality.

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