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Small businesses SEO Company Territorial marketing

Anyone who owns a small business SEO company knows well that the relationship with the territory is fundamental in their work. Only multinationals can afford to show up in an unknown area, open a factory, and start making money!

The majority of Italian companies are instead small business SEO company, born and raised in a certain territory and therefore well integrated into its social fabric.

Often this leads to a natural consequence: the clientele is always the same. Of course, there are companies that you turn to only once, such as real estate agencies in the case of a purchase or a wedding planner, but there are others that, due to their product sector, establish more lasting relationships, such as beauty centers, dentists, groceries and much more.

In both cases, however, at some point, the need to acquire new customers will arise. And for businesses like these, the best way to do it is local marketing, through lead generation.

Local marketing ideas: SEO, SEM, and landing pages for small business seo company

Let’s imagine that you manage a party supplies shop, in a city not too big like USA. Let’s also imagine that, at a certain point of the year, the turnover stops its growth, and begins to slowly decrease. Finally, let’s imagine that as we hope it is in these cases you get the idea to take some action to find new customers.

In short, you realize that you need a new small business SEO company and decide that a base of interested contacts would be a great starting point. In other words, you need to generate new leads, but you’re not sure what you should do.

If you’re trying to generate leads for your business, it doesn’t make sense to use the same generation strategies as a small business SEO company that operates on a global scale. Instead, you should do something called local lead generation, which is part of the broader category of local internet marketing.

Let’s review: what is lead generation?

If you follow our blog, you should be somewhat familiar with the term. We are talking about a marketing technique that consists of the acquisition of prospects, i.e. contacts interested in your product. Lead generation is the first part of the funnel, that is, the process that continues with lead nurturing and ends with conversion.

A solid lead generation strategy is an invaluable asset to a business of any shape or size. This brings us to the point of this article: How can doctors, dentists, small law firms, contractors, construction companies, and any other business operating regionally turn prospects into potential customers?

Local web marketing

There is a very simple assumption to keep in mind: the theory, i.e. the techniques used for lead generation, are the same whether at a local, national, or international level. Having established this, it is a question of understanding how to concretely apply these techniques in local marketing.

You will use the same fundamental principles of the concept, but you will apply them within specific parameters.

SEO local marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO – if you follow our blog you will surely know this too – is a set of techniques that allows you to increase the visibility of a company within the Google SERP, i.e. the set of search results. It therefore aims to increase visits to the site to convert.

Positioning is one of the most important factors for generating local leads, but it happens differently at a local level.

To gather information for local search, search engines rely on indicators such as page content, social profile information, links, and citations to provide the user with the most relevant local results for their search. Let’s remember that Google’s ultimate goal is to provide an answer to the user, so this must also be our goal!

It is impossible to summarize all the SEO best practices here. However, we can say that it is certainly necessary:

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