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Some Tips to Decorate a Child’s Room

ByDave Stopher

Nov 26, 2021

Is your child starting pre-school and is it time to change the decoration of his room? Do you want to surprise him with amazing wall stickers for kids, but you don’t know where to start this new decorative project? Relax, you will see that the task is very simple with the following tips!

When you are going to decorate your child’s room, you must bear in mind that this will be a space where he will spend a large part of the day. This is why it is important that his room is a reflection of his personality, where he feels comfortable, and where he can let his imagination run free.

  1. Choose the theme

This first tip will be our starting point to choose what accessories, colors, and textiles to use. It is important that you choose only one theme, to achieve an environment with a balanced decoration. Whenever you start a decorative project and have a specific idea in mind, look for visual references that serve as inspiration.

For your info, the most used tones are red, blue, and yellow. However, don’t just limit yourself to this range of colors. You can also achieve good results by trying other shades that are a little softer and more relaxing.

Some ideas:


If you are looking for how to easily decorate a children’s room, without a doubt the most versatile and practical material is decorative vinyl. You can find star, mini-galactic and solar system designs, which you can customize according to your decoration.


Children’s decoration dedicated to superheroes will always be a success. To achieve a unique decoration and that your little one loves every detail, you must know very well what their favorite superheroes are, what super powers they have and why they are so special for your child. This can give you ideas to reflect them in your décor. You can find various Superheroes-themed personalised wall stickers to apply this theme.


If your child dreams of being a great archaeologist, choosing this decorative theme will stimulate his curiosity and interest in learning and will make him remember the names of different species of dinosaurs. You can achieve a modern children’s room for a boy, with the choice of neutral colors in which the decorative elements of dinosaurs stand out. The key is to maintain the same visual line in the details, you can choose vintage, cartoon, colorful or a little more realistic accessories.

  1. What colors to use?

For the decoration of a children’s room for a boy, the range of colors is quite wide, you can choose a colorful decoration with blues, reds, and greens. To make color combinations, you must take into account the theory of color such as a nautical home decor.

  1. Choose print and textiles

A harmonious decoration is achieved with the balance of all the elements that accompany the room, for this these elements should not compete with each other. The pattern of the curtains, bedding, rugs, and pillows should be chosen so that they match the color of the furniture and the walls, taking care not to visually saturate the room.

  1. Stimulate learnings

When choosing the decoration of your child’s room, look for a way to stimulate her curiosity, her interest in knowing the world, and her creativity through different decorative accessories that fulfill a pedagogical function.

We hope these tips were useful!