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Spreading Kindness: 5 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now

ByDave Stopher

Jun 18, 2020

We all know how good it feels when someone does something kind for us. It makes us feel noticed, or even loved.

How about when we do something kind for another person? Doing random acts of kindness without wanting a reward actually improves our wellbeing. Being kind is a reward on its own!

Would you like to start spreading kindness today? Read on for some ideas to get you started.

  1. Start a Conversation

Ask someone you know how they’re doing. You don’t even need to expect a response from the other person.

Simply let someone know you’re thinking of them. If you can ask about something specific, that’s also great.

Your acts of kindness don’t have to be anything huge. It really is the thought that counts.

  1. Meet Every Interaction With Kindness

It’s true that you never fully know what’s going on in a person’s life. That driver who cut you off at the traffic lights? They may be speeding to visit a sick relative.

Or the retail assistant who was rude to you may have had the day from hell.

Stop thinking everything is somehow a punishment for you. Instead, commit to random acts of kindness to counteract the sadness.

That might mean not yelling at other drivers in traffic. Or it might mean being kind to the people you encounter.

The old maxim of treating others as you’d like to be treated yourself means a lot here.

  1. Send Someone a Gift 

Gifts can take all shapes and sizes. It might be a postcard or a note. Perhaps you’ll send a bunch of flowers.

Or pick something you know the other person will enjoy. Choose it for no other reason than you know it’ll make them smile.

Tailoring your gift to the person shows them you care about them. You’ve noticed their interests and preferences.

  1. Smile at a Stranger

Humans are hard-wired to respond to facial expressions. When someone smiles at us, we want to respond in kind.

Smiling also has an added benefit that it tells the brain we’re happy. You’re not just smiling at the person⁠—you’re giving them a small dose of happiness.

You can also say hello to a stranger. This tells the person you’ve seen them and acknowledged them. Such small acts of kindness are a simple way to tell another person they’ve been noticed.

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase ‘you can’t fill from an empty cup’. So, one of the best methods of spreading kindness is to be kind to yourself.

That might mean stopping negative self-talk. Take care of yourself with exercise or a better diet.

Perhaps you need guidance from a guardian angel reading. Receive angel prayers for your every wish.

Whatever it is, be kind to yourself. Then pass that kindness on to others.

How Will You Start Spreading Kindness?

As we have shown, spreading kindness doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. Simple is often best, but it should always be a heartfelt gesture.

Random acts of generosity can never be wrong. The world certainly needs more love and kindness right now.

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