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Spring Clean your Mind, Body and Home this Season


Mar 9, 2018

IT’S that time of year again, when the days get longer and we start to notice the marks on the window, the dust in the corners and the faded paint… it’s time for a spring clean.

The famous ‘spring clean’ is an opportunity to declutter, cleanse and organise your home, and is a great way of detoxing your soul as well as your surroundings.

Need a bit of inspo to kick-start the clean? The experts at Firemizer have compiled their top tips to make this year’s spring clean the best yet while looking after your health and the planet at the same time.


One way to make sure all areas of your home are scrubbed to perfection is to set yourself a time slot for each task, or for each room. This will stop you procrastinating, keep the process swift, and ensure nothing is missed. Challenge yourself to beat each time limit, and compete against the clock to get your home in tip top condition.


Scrubbing the bath, doing the laundry and cleaning the windows are the top three chores which burn the most calories*, so bear this in mind when you’re deep cleaning your house. By committing to the chores, you’ll earn yourself a celebratory slice of cake, which sounds like a fair deal!


Many household cleaning products can, believe it or not, be extremely harmful to yourself and the environment. Why not opt for more eco-friendly products, such as Ethical Superstore’s range, and cockroachremovaltoronto, avoid those harsh synthetic chemicals in your home?


By using the nifty fuel saving device Firemizer, you’ll not only see the efficiency and length of your fire maximize, but there’ll be less ash to dispose of and clean up afterwards – a win-win! Firemizer reduces fuel usage by up to 38% and emissions by up to 72%, helping you save money on your overall heating bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint. The grid also ensures all the fuel is burnt, leaving no waste, and minimal mess.

As with any fire, burning wood creates dust and ash, which can get really messy if left for a long period of time. And with that, not only will you have more cleaning to do (yawn), but you’ll also be breathing in more and more of it.


The triple ‘R’ rule is a really important element if you’re looking to give your spring clean a bit of a health kick. Reduce, reuse and recycle are easy ways to go green without having to spend money!

Have a sort through and get rid of all those bits and bobs that are causing major clutter chaos, and target the usual culprit areas such as the wardrobe, the magazine unit and under the bed. Can you upcycle, repurpose or get creative with anything? Perhaps give an old box a lick of paint, and reuse as shoe storage. And finally, recycle – old magazines and newspapers can be taken to a local recycling point, old clothes and books can be donated to a charity shop and unwanted furniture can be put online to sell for a bit of cash.

Follow these five top tips and watch your home spring into the coming season, and feel the weight lift off your shoulders as you glide into brighter warmer months.

Firemizer can be purchased online for £19.99 at https://www.firemizer.com/shop


By Emily