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Following the publication of the Government’s Freeport Bidding Prospectus on Monday, November 16th, PD Ports is seeking to accelerate preparations for a Freeport bid.

The Government’s deadline for bid submissions is February 5th, 2021, injecting fresh urgency into building a compelling Freeport bid for the Tees Valley.

As Statutory Harbour Authority, PD Ports has already invited customers, stakeholders and public sector partners, including the TVCA and Mayor Houchen, to come together on December 2nd to help shape the plans for a successful bid.

The Port has now followed up that invitation seeking feedback on the Bidding Prospectus, which confirms the possibility of a multi-site Freeport that can maximise and speed up potential benefits for the Tees Valley.

The Port is also seeking the views of the wider community, offering all interested parties the opportunity to share their views by emailing

PD Ports’ COO and Vice Chairman, Jerry Hopkinson said: “It’s vital that we all come together to make sure we construct a successful, inclusive bid that maximises the benefits of a Freeport for the Tees Valley.

“We’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the TVCA, Mayor Houchen, our stakeholders and local communities to deliver Freeport status for our great region.

“It’s also important that our bid can realise benefits quickly, especially given the need to drive post-COVID economic recovery.

“That’s why we’re encouraging all our stakeholders and the wider community to work together to achieve this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We strongly urge everyone across the Tees Valley to share their views on creating a Freeport for the River Tees by contacting us at

“At PD Ports, we have a proud and proven track record when it comes to delivering private inward investment and creating high quality, sustainable jobs in the Tees Valley. In the last decade, we have attracted over £1billion of private investment, boosted international trade, created 2,600 new jobs and helped secure 22,000 more in the wider supply chain.

“There is much work to do. We’re rolling our sleeves up and will be working at pace to make sure we deliver the success this region deserves.”

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