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Stimulate Your Babies Senses

Enrich those first few months of parenthood with Hape’s fantastic selection of new born toys and accessories, where you will be richly rewarded with plenty of smiles and squeals of laughter – memories to last a lifetime.

Make baby changing and bed time a soothing and calming experience, a helpful distraction with the adorable Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile that fastens securely to your baby’s cot or change table.Introducing a combination of materials and textures in order to encourage a baby’s sensory development of; vision, hearing and tactility. The Hape Baby Mobile projects the best of nature, using whimsical garden motifs of buzzy bee’s and dragonfly’s. Featuring a music box that rotates, playing a soothing lullaby. The Sweet Dreams Baby Mobile is available to buy online for £33.00 from Amazon.

The Geometric Rattle Trio in beautiful soft pastel tones of yellow, pink and blue are expertly designed to sit comfortably into small hands. As the perfect grab and go toy for long car journeys, shake and play to pass the time away. Aid your child’s hand-eye coordination skills when shaken and played with. Made from Japanese rice this is yet another great example of Hape’s use of innovative material within their range of children’s toys. The Geometric Rattle Trio is available to buy online for £17.99 from Amazon.

Cantering straight out of the paddock, the Hape Grow-With-Me Rocking Horse. This perfectly balanced ride on can take children from a slow and steady trot to a rocking gallop in no time at all! For children aged 10 months + help enhance a child’s coordination and balance, as well as building arm and leg strength. As your child grows so does this horse as the design comes with guard rails and back rest which can easily be removed when no longer necessary. The Grow-With-Me Rocking Horse is available to buy online for £56.59 from Amazon.

Celebrating the wonders of the farmyard and the natural world, enjoy Hape’s Baby Books. Simple and easy to understand pictures encourage your little ones to follow along, made of wood which is also perfectly suitable to chew. Give your baby an early introduction into reading and the wonders of the world with this charming collection of books. It’s certainly the brightly coloured happy illustrations which brings the pages of each book to life! The Baby’s Bug Book is available to buy online for £6.99 from Amazon. The Baby’s Farm Animal Book is available to buy online for £5.99 from Amazon.

A wonderful immersive sensory experience for new borns, keep your baby entertained on this super soft, plushie Portable Baby Gym from Hape. Using a beautifully minimalistic sturdy wooden arch design featuring a hanging apple, bee with fluttering wings, spinning rattles and a flower that will delight little hands and eyes, helps promote a baby’s reaching and grasping skills. This Baby Gym also doubles as a stylish tote bag as it folds in two and zips up for added convenience when traveling and storing. The Portable Baby Gym is available to buy online for £85.77 from Amazon.

Help focus a baby’s early needs of training, playing, self-discovery and reward of movement with Hape Toys.

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