About the Firm

Streeterlaw is one of the leading and most recognized commercial law firms in Sydney, Australia. The company was launched in 2003 by Leffler Streeter to mainly serve families’ law needs and help them with planning strategies. Besides, the firm deals with dispute resolution, debt recovery and resolves disputes for their customers.

It boasts itself as a highly advanced and progressive law-firm in Sydney with a remarkable track record. Mark Streeter, a seasoned commercial litigation lawyer, is currently the chief leader in the company. Under his reign, the firm bonds all the law services it offers based on truthfulness and dedication to helping their customers.

The firm’s internal operations systems have every resource for your case, which directly contributes to final results. Besides, the entire process guarantees apt and honest services to their clients. Moreover, it partners with the best law partners who have vast years of experience in law and an excellent track of a good record to match. As a result, their clients can rest easy, knowing that their money will yield the best and satisfying outcome.

Do you have sensitive social matters you need solving with utmost efficiency and convenience? If yes, this law firm has a family of experts known to be the best Sydney solicitors dedicated to helping you. Even if you are looking for principle guides for any family feuds, law, truth, and resolutions, the company does it all for you. Its headquarters is located in Sydney’s center; this litigation firm is your ultimate go-to solution for your needs.

Services They Offer

The company is well recognized as law specialists who offer the best services in the following areas:

Commercial Conflict Resolution

The company tackles a varied range of business disputes for many corporations around the country. This includes conflicts regarding partnership agreements, insurance claims, contract disputes, and recovery of a business’ assets. On top of that, it offers other competencies such as corporate funds, articles, shareholding alignments, and much more.

Its litigation lawyers in this area have extensive knowledge in business law, and that’s why it stands out as the best. Additionally, they use a holistic approach and vast years of service expertise to tackle such disputes.

Family Law

This is one of the most complex and critical law fields that need the utmost levels of personal touch. Cases here tend to be the hardest to solve as they have some levels of emotional attachment. The firm’s accredited family law specialist, Simon Green, leads this department. She uses her rich experience in all family matters and a specialized process to help their clients.

Wills and Guardianship

The firm is well known to intervene in disputes revolving around this area of specialty. Its role is to harmonize the situation and also solve the feuds in the family. This area is led by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience and guarantees you better results.

Strata Legal Solutions

It’s the firm’s advisory services and covers Strata Management, Strata Committee, and Lot Ownership. This area focuses on solving conflicts that come from civil works, associations, and businesses.

Why choose them?

  • Streeterlaw’s solicitors boast over 60 years of experience in different law fields.
  • It is highly cost-effective and will save your time, effort, and money.
  • Client dedicated and focused law firm.

How to reach them

Office’s Physical Address: Level 2, 50 Park Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Telephone: 1300 293 957

Website: https://www.streeterlawfirm.com.au/

Email: advice@streeter-law.com.au

Fax: 02 8003 9101

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Streeter-law.au

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/streeterlaw/