Over 700 guests were treated to informative, interactive and even hair-raising experiences at Richmond School and Sixth Form College’s Year 6 open evening.  It was standing room only for the warm welcome from Lily Richardson and Henry Wright, who themselves have only been at the school as new Year 7 students since the beginning of September. Behind the scenes, over the last year, Lily and Henry, together with Sixth Form students Joel Nesbit, Subin Pariyar and Ollie Lubanski, have been involved in a special project to create an engaging and lively film that presented a Year in the life of a Year 6.

The film was co-directed and co-produced by Joel, Subin and Ollie who assisted staff with the filming, editing and final creation of the film.  As the main stars of the film, Lily and Henry give Year 6 students a glimpse of the multiple activities and subjects they will experience at Richmond School during their transition year from primary school.  The film can be viewed at https://youtu.be/rkMwAdoSop8

Parent Alan Turnbull, who attended the Year 6 open evening with his wife and eleven-year old son, said: “We were immediately won over by the short video that was shown at the start of the evening. It was appealing and vivid and conveyed a picture of the school as a safe and welcoming learning environment, as well as a place that is energetic and forward-looking. The video was extremely well edited and the synchronisation of sound and image gave it a pacey and lively feel. Having taught aspects of film making at university level, it was clear from the start that this video was sharp and professionally handled.

“We were all very impressed at the vibrancy and positivity that we encountered in every classroom. My son is extremely excited at the prospect of starting next year. He can’t wait. Thank you for a most stimulating evening.”

Ninety students, including forty Year 7 helpers, supported by Year 10 and Sixth Form leaders, greeted visitors, answered questions and talked about the key features and appeal of the many subject areas available at Richmond School.  Each department offered activities to engage potential pupils and ignite their interest across all subjects, some of which they may never have encountered before. Highlights of the evening included hands-on experiences in Science with a Van De Graff generator which creates static electricity through the body, and investigating the structure of an ox heart. Students also enjoyed taking part in dance routines, choreographed by students, trying out the fitness equipment in PE and seeing the fabulous library facilities available. Guests were entertained throughout the evening by the school Jazz Band, just one of the many musical groups that students can join.

Jenna Potter commented: “We are a school that first and foremost provides excellent learning opportunities for our students. Whilst we are a large school, we are a highly-supportive school who, despite our size, are genuinely very much a close family where our students can find friendships that can last a lifetime.

“There is no better way for our future students to feel at home at Richmond School than to offer as many opportunities as possible to visit before they start in Year 7.  Our packed transition programme aims to give the students confidence, develop friendships and get to know our staff so it is not such a daunting experience when they put on their new uniform for the first time.  Lily and Henry have been incredible ambassadors for the school and the film not only sums up the vast range of subjects and experiences that await our students but how these visits help to dispel any worries that they, and their families, may have.  I am also immensely proud of Joel, Subin and Ollie who were instrumental in making our welcome film so professional and successful.”

Richmond Sixth Form College look forward to welcoming guests to their next open evening from 5:30 to 7:30pm on Thursday 10th October.