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Successful Sexual Health Service up for Renewal

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.35.03A CONTINUED joint sexual health service for Teesside is being recommended to be maintained beyond 2016.

A report to Middlesbrough Council’s Executive asks that agreement is given to a collaborative commissioning model between the four local authorities.

The number of new sexually transmitted infections has decreased in the past year in Middlesbrough and the wider Teesside area and is below the national average.

Figures also show that the existing service helps thousands of people in with sexual health concerns.

In his report, Cllr Mick Thompson, Executive Member for Communities and Public Health, said: “The Tees arrangements enable the service to continue to provide an open access integrated model of delivery allowing local residents to access services in any of the four local authority areas.

“This allows confidential access to sexual health services, increases patient choice and makes efficient use of the resources on a risk share arrangement.”

The Tees-wide service was introduced in 2010 and the commissioning of sexual health services became the responsibility of local authorities in 2013.

The contract value for the service is £3.9m and Middlesbrough Council’s contribution is £1.1m, which is funded through the authority’s Public Health grant.

Recommending the continued approach, Cllr Thompson adds in his report: “The Council has a mandated responsibility for ensuring the provision of comprehensive sexual health services as part of the statutory responsibility for improving the health and wellbeing of its population.”

The Executive meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 8.

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