From the resounding success of Hape’s Quadrilla wooden marble runs, arrives the new and deluxe Super Spirals suitable for children aged 4YRS+. For hours of family, fun filled play throw the rule book out the window, as each build is bound to take on new direction as limitless possibilities are right at your very fingertips. With a whooping 129 pieces you’re sure to keep the family entertained for hours as you enjoy valuable quality time together.

Full of exciting twists and turns Super Spirals is jam packed with a collection of brightly coloured building blocks, accelerators, roulettes, xylophone rails, see-saws and curved rails not to mention the transparent stairway and the four special control blocks which add additional elements of surprise, randomly distributing the marbles from every direction.

As your children’s engineering skills sore once the big build commences get family and friends involved as the interaction and co-operation between peers helps you work as a team to find the answers to allow the marble to run freely through the track.

Hape pride themselves on creating toys that are not just for play but to also aid learning. Something that is evidently in Super Spirals, to help children build and experiment with their own creativity. Encouraging 3-D thinking, forward planning, spatial reasoning, developing necessary engineering skills with hands on fun.

Using the finest natural materials and brightly coloured water based paints which match the energy and speed of the Super Spirals, Hape provide only the best for your child transforming your traditional wooden toys into something that leaves children with problems to be solved not unanswered questions – an investment that children can love and parents can trust!

Hape’s Super Spirals is available to buy online for £160.55 from Amazon.