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Technical SEO, Key Factors To Improve Web Positioning In 2020

SEO is one of the key performance indicators in Internet marketing strategies today. More and more brands are struggling to appear at the top of Google, and this means that details can make a difference in this battle to achieve the best search engine rankings. This is where we know as technical SEO comes into play.

In this post, we’ll try to guide you that what technical SEO is and what are the key strategies to improve your search engine rankings in 2020.

Technical SEO goes beyond creating quality content and optimization tips that we all know to improve the positioning of the web. It requires more complex knowledge since it consists of a set of processes and configurations that are implemented on the web and on the server to improve the optimization of the page

This optimization is done so that the crawlers or robots of the search engines can access, track, interpret, and index better. In the long term, this will result in more search traffic.

Combined with On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, technical SEO would thus complete the fundamental pillars of web positioning to reach the top in search results. In order to get better in SEO, you need to visit your local agency such as SEO Agency in Dubai in case you are living in the Middle East to get a better understanding of such solutions.

Most important Factors of technical SEO in 2020

Web speed

Browsing habits have changed a lot in recent years, and users have less and less patience to wait when accessing a web page. We are in the era of I want it now, so what browsers expect is that the loading time of a website should be in 1-2 seconds or less. In fact, there are some shocking facts about it:

With all this, loading speed has become one of the fundamental aspects to consider in technical SEO. Thus, in order to improve web performance, it will be necessary to focus attention on aspects such as the choice and configuration of the hosting, the exhaustive optimization of the images, as well as finding and correcting the broken links that the site may have.

In order to take over such issues, you can use tools like GtMetrix tool. This tools will help you in finding all the necessary fixes that you need to worry about in order to overcome the high loading time issues. Using this tool you can identify your site average loading time per page.

Configuring the robots.txt file

The configuration of the robots.txt file is one of the key factors for technical SEO. Having this file configured correctly will make search crawlers choose the appropriate information much faster so that they will have better navigation on the site, thus achieving a better SEO web positioning in search results.

Tools like Google Search Console can help with this factor and with other aspects of technical SEO. Such as indexability issues and all that.

One can block any individual or authority from accessing your private pages from any vulnerable activity. Robots.txt file allows various search engines to crawl your website page with ease.

Web architecture

The architecture of the page is key to achieving a good search engine positioning. It is about the page intuitive design and simple navigation that is considered to be as efficient as possible for both users and crawlers.

To achieve this, it is necessary to go beyond creating a suitable internal link building or implementing the SSL certificate, since it will be necessary to focus our attention on more advanced topics such as identifying the most suitable JavaScript framework to create an optimized website.

The website is prioritized if a site is adapted to Mobile-First Index technology, something that is already key today for search engines like Google.

Other important technical SEO factors include meta-tags, friendly URLs, domain authority, or the sitemap.xml file.

As we see, for this part of SEO, the most appropriate is to have professionals who know how to work with all these more technical details of web positioning in order to achieve the best results for brands. You need to submit the sitemap to the webmaster before initiating any other task. On wordpress if you are using Yoast SEO plugin then it will automatically generate one for your site at

404 Error Pages

You need to identify all the 404 error pages upfront. This pays a very high impact on your Google rankings. Use the Screaming Frog tool to identify the 404 pages that your site contains. If you have any other substitute page available for that then you can use redirects.

Use 301 redirects to move your page permanently to the updated URL or otherwise de-index that page if you don’t want search engines to crawl.

There are a number of other online tools available that help you in identifying these issues and suggest you with the perfect fixes.

Try to use https protocol instead of HTTP this will tell search engines that your site has some security protocols. As, this will help you in search engine ranking for sure.


What we’ve concluded so far is that the website technical factors plays important role in the ranking of a webpage. As it involves factors like URL structure, website images optimization, website key files such as robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, and the web architecture. All these factors should be handled in advance before moving forward to any other SEO plan.

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