An ambitious graduate has followed in his parents’ footsteps by joining Teesside University as a lecturer in the School of Health & Life Sciences.

Dr Dan Jones graduated from the class of 2021 with a PhD after exploring the relationship between physical activity, motor skills and school readiness in preschool-aged children, and celebrated his academic success in the University’s ceremonies this week.

Since completing his studies, Dan has joined the University as Lecturer in Research and Public Health in the School of Health & Life Sciences.

He joins parents Michelle and Graham, who also work in the School of Health & Life Sciences and had the opportunity to enjoy their son’s graduation ceremony as part of the procession.

Dan, 30, from Yarm, said: “It feels really good to have graduated.

“It’s nice that my parents were at my graduation, especially both being part of the procession – that was really special.

“My PhD was around working with early years children to increase their physical activity, so the best part of my studies was working with them. It was so much fun.

“I’m over the moon to be a lecturer now. I love teaching and engaging with students.

“I’m also very happy to be carrying on what seems to have become a family tradition by joining Teesside University. All three of us work in the School of Health & Life Sciences now; we’re even based on the same floor.”

Dan’s parents were proud to watch him receive his doctorate and enjoyed celebrating this special occasion as a family.

His mum, Michelle Jones, Senior Lecturer in Community and Childhood Studies, said: “We’re really proud of Dan. He’s worked so hard, and it’s very well deserved.

“I feel very proud to be a part of Teesside University, along with my family. I love my job and working with students is what we do it for so it’s great to see all of their successes today.”

Dan’s dad, Graham Jones, Senior Lecturer in Nursing Skills, added: “Dan came here as a graduate tutor, and he has progressed and done really well.

“Team Teesside has gained a very valuable colleague. Dan is interested in research and that’s a huge part of what we’re doing here at Teesside University. I’m sure he’ll be an enormous success.

“The ceremony was really well presented, and all of the families loved it. After all the effort they’ve put in, I think it’s great that the students get to celebrate their academic achievements in this way.

“It’s the best time when you’re seeing the fulfilment of all those years of hard work that the students have put in, and indeed the staff. This is what it’s all about, it’s a special day.”

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