There are millions of apps available on the Apple and Google Play app stores today, including a large collection which will help you on your journey to stop smoking.

To save you sifting through a lot of apps when you’re starting out on your quit-smoking journey, join quitting smoking specialists Nicotinell as they bring together a selection of the most effective and free-to-download quit smoking apps that you need on your smartphone:

Smoke Free

If you’d like to clearly and accurately chart your progress along your quit-smoking journey, then Smoke Free is perfect for you.

An evidence-based and theory-driven app, Smoke Free features a dashboard filled with facts and stats such as:

  • Savings made so far (which you can even expand on by entering the details of something you’d like to buy and then receive a clock counting down to when you can afford it).
  • Savings made on a yearly basis.
  • The number of days a user has been smoke free.
  • The amount of life regained since the user stopped smoking.
  • The number of cravings that a user has successfully resisted.

Your health will also be monitored as you get to grips with the Smoke Free app, as it provides guidance about when your blood pressure, breathing, carbon monoxide levels, circulation, energy levels, oxygen levels, risk of lung cancer, sense of smell and sense of taste should be returning to their normal rates.

Where to download: Smoke Free on Apple iTunes & Smoke Free on Google Play

Craving To Quit!

Are you seeking some sort of structure to help you to quit smoking? Then Craving To Quit! is the perfect app for you.

Load up the app and you’ll be presented with a 21-day programme which has been designed based on research carried out and tested by Yale University for a successful smoking cessation initiative. This clinical trial was delivered to a group over a four-week period and was found to be twice as effective as the gold standard treatment offered.

Once you get started on your own programme, you’ll be presented with a series of helpful training videos, a cigarette tracker, goals and statistics, and check-in reminders on a daily basis. The main goal of all of these will be to progress you to the point where you can enjoy having zero cigarettes each day.

Where to download: Craving To Quit! on Apple iTunes & Craving To Quit! on Google Play

Stop Smoking — Mindfulness Meditation App

We again go back to Yale University, this time to pick up on a study done there which found that 30 per cent who practiced meditation to stop smoking then did not smoke one cigarette during the entire first week of training. In contrast, only six per cent of people achieved the same results when using more traditional methods of quitting smoking.

With this research in mind, the Stop Smoking — Mindfulness Meditation App presents you with a series of guided meditation sessions which are all designed to reduce the stress linked with addiction.

For further support, the app can also connect with both your Facebook and Twitter profiles to provide you with even more advice and support.

Where to download: Stop Smoking—  Mindfulness Meditation App on Apple iTunes


LIVESTRONG.COM has been helping people to lead stronger, healthier and happier lives for years, with this idea transferred across to those who are looking to stop smoking with the LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach app.

The application, which has been approved by physicians, gives you the ability to evaluate your current lifestyle, set realistic and achievable goals and adjust preferences as you see fit to match your requirements — for instance, choosing between totally quitting straight away or decreasing your daily nicotine intake on a daily basis.

Feel as though you’ll need encouragement while progressing along your stop-smoking journey? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that the app also has the ability to store personalised inspirational photos and will regularly deliver you with helpful motivational tips.

Where to download: LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach on Apple iTunes