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The Best way to backup your 4K Videos

ByDave Stopher

Jun 15, 2020

When using social media giants like Instagram, you might sometimes find an image that you wish you could save. The same goes for factors like accounts themselves as well as important hashtags and locations. However, that’s very hard to do without third party help. Luckily, the 4K Stogram app has been developed to help you view and download Instagram account details onto your PC with minimum fuss. Working perfectly well on Apple, Linux, and Microsoft Windows computers, this app allows for you to easily download photos, videos, and stories from public and private Instagram accounts (presuming you have access).

Not only that, but it allows you to have an instant backup of your account should anything go wrong. You can even import a list of Instagram subscriptions, making sure you never need to worry about losing essential data ever again. How, though, does 4K Stogram actually work?

  1. Download the app

First off, you will need to download the 4K Stogram App. This can be downloaded for various computer styles, and you can grab it in a few simple clicks. Once downloaded, run the installer and install the app where you feel most comfortable. 

  1. Find your account

Now, you need to go and find the account that you wish to browse and back-up. To start off with you only need to enter an Instagram account name. You could even add a simple hashtag or location and then, when ready, hit the ‘Subscribe’ button on 4K Stogram. 

  1. Choose what you need

Once you are inside, you can explore the account in full and see all of the essential details that you intended to find. You can find various Instagram stories, photos, and videos from the account. You can then also subscribe to the account in full, or even subscribe to their photos. You might also wish to use 4K Stogram to quickly subscribe to their following list, helping you to find influential people to follow or back-up who you follow should you lose your account.

  1. Download anything you wish

Once you have selected the content that you wish to download, you can start to download everything that you wish without any stress. You can then download posts based on their hashtag, their location, or the account that posted them in the first place.

You can even save content from private accounts; simply log in with your Instagram account and this will let you see all private accounts that you should have access to. This will allow you to browse feeds, download content and store it offline, or simply have access through an easy to use Instagram browser.

  1. Create an account backup

When you log in with your account, you will have the chance to create a full back-up of the account with a single click. This will mean that you can save all of your photos and key account details for easy reference later on down the line.

So, if you use Instagram and want more access and security for every important account metric, be sure to try out 4K Stogram today for a fantastic app that makes keeping hold of key Instagram content and information easier than ever before.