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The Different Types Of Motorcycle Accidents Relating To Personal Injury Compensation


Oct 1, 2018

Motorcycle accident types are quite varied and are similar to motor vehicle accident types. Motorcyclists are often unfairly to blame for accidents as they are often perceived as reckless drivers.

Boston has the fifth worse traffic congestion statistic in the country, and with so many drivers on the road and with the heavy congestion, motorcyclists can be put at a higher risk for experiencing a motorcycle accident. AirAmbulance1 specialize in any type of Air Ambulance transport and can support any type of patient.

Several different types of motorcycle accidents can occur, each with their own set of circumstances.

Common Types Of Motorcycle Accidents:

Car – Motorcycle Accident

Drivers turning without seeing a bike is a common motorcycle accident. Statistically, it is most likely for a motorcycle driver to be in either a single bike accident or an accident with another car.

Rear-End Accident

These accidents are quite common in areas with congested traffic. While a fender-bender can only lead to a small dent of a car’s bumper, the same cannot be said for the bike.  With a motorcycle, it can lead to extensive damage and injuries.

Intersection Accident

Intersection accidents often happen when a motorcycle rider is turning, and an approaching car is running the red light. These accidents can lead to severe injuries for the motorcyclists involved.

Truck – Motorcycle Accident

Truck accidents are dangerous and, in most cases, fatal. The severities sustained by the bike rider tends to be much higher. You can also learn more from here.

Jumped Off Bike

Sometimes when a crash is imminent, the bike rider will jump off his or her bike to prevent more serious injuries. However, it can still lead to significant bodily harm if done at high speed.

Guardrail Accident

If a driver has collided with a guardrail or has been forced off the road by a car, the motorcyclist can easily have a case against the other driver. Proving that the other driver was the cause of the accident and identifying the driver if he or she failed to stop can be difficult.

Therefore, obtaining the assistance of an attorney that is familiar with Boston motorcycle accidents, can be in your best interest.


Contrary to the common belief that motorcycle riders are guilty of being reckless, most are upstanding citizens that are familiar with the dangerous nature of riding a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, due to this misconception, motorcycle riders are often mistakenly assumed to be responsible for accidents by the police and insurance adjusters.

If you have been involved in a severe motorcycle crash and are facing these circumstances, it is highly recommended to secure the assistance of a qualified lawyer to assist you in filing a personal injury compensation claim.

You are entitled to sue for financial compensation after being involved in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another motorist. Obtaining the services of a legal firm can make the process of gathering the appropriate evidence to prove the guilty party’s involvement a lot easier, and you’ll have the best opportunity to receive the maximum compensation that is fit for your injuries and losses.

By ozfetch