Groupon are the world leader in discount vouchers and deals. Originally, they operated out of the Chicago, but within a few years they were such a success that they are now a worldwide outfit. This means they offer a huge range of discounts on british brands, from Argos (see to Zara.

The way Groupon works is simple, and is built around the idea of collective bargaining power. On your own, you have very little chance of negotiating a discount with a retailer – just go into a high-street shop and try to barter!

What Groupon does is collect a huge pool of users (49.3 million according to the current statistics) meaning it can grab the attention of brands. It then leverages this large audience to negotiate all manner of deals. This works as a kind of win-win scenario, as it opens up a potentially huge pool of new customers for brands, and those customers get a discounted price across a large range of brands.

Outlet Stores

Outlet stores, or factory stores, are a great way to grab a bargain. When a brand’s stock is coming to the end of its shelf-life, for example a clothing range that has reached the end of its season, outlet stores will buy up this stock in bulk. This allows brands to clear room for their new incoming stock.

This can lead to great discounts for the savvy consumer, particularly on clothes as stock changes seasonally. You won’t necessarily be able to pick up the hottest and newest stuff in an outlet store, but you will be able to pick up a bargain.

The only other drawback to outlet shopping for clothes is that most of the ‘average’ sizes of clothes will sell out long before an outlet gets the chance to buy them. This can be irritating because it can be hard to find things in your size.


Ebay offers the ultimate experience in shopping around. Think of a product, you can buy it on ebay. This much choice can be a little overwhelming as a customer, but if you know the name of the product you want, you an be sure to find it at a discount price on ebay.

A little bit of browsing will go a long way here. And of course you don’t just have to buy brand new straight from vendors, you always have the option of picking up nearly-new and second hand stuff. The only problem here is that ebay is an auction site, so while lots of things will have a buy it now price, sometimes you will still have to bid. This can be a frustrating process, either having to wait days for the auction to finish, or being outbid right at the last second.

Still, if you are willing to work on your auctioneering skills, there are many discounts and deals to be found on ebay.

Discount Schemes

This one is a little more niche. By its very nature these discounts are only accessible to certain people. However, they are still a great way to get discounts at a diverse range of brands.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous, and the most well known, is the student discount. Normally 10% off, this applies in a huge range of shops and can be a great way for cash strapped students to grab a bargain.


Perhaps lesser known are pensioners’ discounts. These are less common, but are still a great way to save. They also serve a valuable function for brands, attracting a customer base that has both leisure time and is far more inclined to shop in store.


Finally, some places will offer discounts for people who work certain jobs. In particular, anyone who works for the NHS has access to the NHS discount which applies at a whole host of UK brands.


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