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May 15, 2019 #Business, #Marketing
  • SodaStream capitalises on the finale of Game of Thrones with new marketing campaign that says goodbye to single-use plastic bottles

SodaStream International LTD. today unveiled its latest video campaign, “Say Goodbye”, featuring Game Of Thrones actors Thor Bjornsson AKA “The Mountain”, Hannah Waddingham AKA “Septa” and Kristian Nairn AKA “Hodor”.

Capitalising on the popularity of the programme, which is due to conclude its eighth and final season this coming Sunday, the video shows each actor struggling with single-use plastic bottles in everyday situations before realising that they should say goodbye to them. As the ninth video that SodaStream has created with the series’ actors in just three years, the collaboration has been key to engaging millions of consumers around the world in recognising the global challenge of single-use plastic waste and pollution and encouraging them to take action.

SodaStream’s series of novel marketing campaigns, featuring the Game of Thrones actors, have captured the imagination of millions of people in conveying the serious message of the damaging impact of single-use plastic to the environment and sealife.

At the end of last year, SodaStream’s ‘It’s time for a change’ campaign was featured on a league table of the most successful viral videos by AdAge. The video focused on the global damage caused by single-use plastic bottles and once again featured Thor “The Mountain” Bjornsson calling on people to take responsibility and go reusable.  Viewed by 16 million people, the video was second to only John Lewis’s Christmas advert at the time.

“We are always looking for fun and exciting ways to convey the message that we can enjoy fresh sparkling beverages in a planet-friendly way”, said SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum. “We encourage consumers to say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello to reusable solutions.”

The video is a special remake of an existing SodaStream Campaign (watch here) from 2017. It’s not the first time each of the GOT stars have appeared in a Sodastream video, but this time the company chose to unite them for a final goodbye.

Watch the new “Say Goodbye” video.

“As a fan of SodaStream and an advocate for the environment myself, I always welcome an opportunity to help SodaStream spread their environmental message about single-use plastic,” commented Kristian Nairn.

“This time I got to do it with my two friends, Thor and Hannah,  which makes it even better! “