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The First-ever St Tropez sales report offers fascinating insights into one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets

ByDave Stopher

Nov 29, 2021

St Tropez House – a luxury real estate agency specialising in Saint Tropez, France – has created an exclusive sales report, giving in-depth industry insight into one of the world’s most exclusive real estate markets.

The report – the first of its kind for real estate in St Tropez – breaks down local industry data offering a fascinating snapshot of St Tropez’s fast-moving and vibrant real estate market.

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Known as the holiday destination of the world’s rich and famous, St Tropez boasts some of the most expensive and exclusive real estate on the planet.

This exclusive report explores the average price of real estate sold in St Tropez over the past few years, the number of houses sold in St Tropez per district, as well as who is buying St Tropez real estate.

St Tropez House Director Emilia Jedamska

Emilia Jedamska – Director of St Tropez House

“This report increases investors’ understanding of the real estate market in St Tropez,” Emilia Jedamska, author of the sales report and St Tropez Houses’ director, said. “This unique report will now enable investors to make informed decisions, backed up by solid data when investing in this highly exclusive real estate market.”

She added: “To truly understand St Tropez’s real estate market, The St Tropez House Sales Report divides the market into seven distinct districts, treating each as its own unique entity. The atmosphere, amenities, and geography of each of these seven districts are unique and diverse so it is essential they are presented individually. This allows investors to easily compare the real estate market across St Tropez’s most exclusive enclaves, including the prestigious Les Parcs.”

The seven districts in the St Tropez Sales Report are Les Parcs, Les Salins/Les Canoubiers, Valfere/Le Capon/Pinet, Ste Anne/Les Carles, La Moutte, La Belle Isnarde, and St Tropez centre.

The St Tropez Sales Report draws on data sourced from the most recent government statistics, 2018-2019, including the General Direction of Public Finance, France, offering a never-before-seen snapshot of the real estate market in St Tropez.


St Tropez House Villa Bastide de Belieu

Some key take-outs of the St Tropez House Sales Report include:

– 108 houses were sold in St Tropez in 2018-2019

– The highest sales price recorded in 2018-2019 was 29 million Euros (excluding registration fees and commissions)

– The average sales price increased by 37 per cent in 2018-2019, compared to 2016-2017

– The most expensive real estate district in St Tropez in 2018-2019 was Les Parcs, with an average price of 13,083,181 Euros

Jedamska added: “As a leading agency specialising in luxury property in St Tropez, we felt it was vital that our clients had access to this information. We are delighted to be the first agency to compile a report that provides in-depth industry insights into real estate transactions in St Tropez.”


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